BlackBerry CEO Optimistic about Future

John Chen is not sure that BlackBerry will survive, he simply does not believe that anyone can replace them.

BlackBerry ceo John Chen is not the brand of the hard times. He feels certain that BlackBerry will exist for many years into the future and furthermore mentions that “BlackBerry can not be replaced.”

In a column for CNBC tells he that he has turned the problem-hit companies on before, and is ready to do it again. In addition, he is not concerned with what BlackBerry was once, but on what they should be today and in the future.

Focus on companies

The strategy will be to focus on core competencies which are services to businesses, messaging, QNX systems and mobile phones.
Chen continued to believe when it comes to businesses, then BlackBerry is still the market leader and that it “should not be fooled by competitors like rhetorical claim to be safer or have more experience than BlackBerry.”

BlackBerry simply cannot be replaced he believes businesses with rigid security needs using still the BlackBerry to their mobile infrastructure.

Always money in BBM

In addition, there is a lot of money to be had in BBM tells Chen. Also here are enjoying BlackBerry good of their illustrious security and with 40 million new Android and iOS downloads at 60 days, he believes that it is clear that consumers also backs up the BBM.

BlackBerry will continue to invest in BBM and add new features. He expects also to BlackBerry Messenger in coming years will be transformed into a permanent source of income.

It seems as if the new man at the helm sees light at the end of the tunnel, though he has managed to gather the troops or whether it is grandstanding, we must wait to see. But let us hope that John Chen is the man to bring BlackBerry safe in port over the next few years.