CamelBak Water Bottle Reviews

In addition to the obligatory thermos bottles and various in recent years, especially among cyclists spread widely different versions water bags CamelBak. In addition to numerous advantages also have many disadvantages, which has managed well to remove versatile complement to any PET bottle Smart Tube . While CamelBak use for many years, the Smart Tube I bought before this trip sunbathed in July, crossing the Romanian mountains Fagaras .

For clarity, there will be only briefly compared the possibility of using inserts Camelbak – Omega Reservoir and Smart Tube. It will be taken into account that Omega Reservoir is just a spare part for a variety of different sized bags.

CamelBak liner and its alternatives

  • Different sized bags, typically from 1 to 3 l
  • Different ways of closing the bags – classic big closure for easy pouring and content to facilitate cleaning – passes him a fist, one other option is to fold the end of the bag and securing fuse, etc.
  • Tube opens into the bag at its bottom

Smart Tube

  • Volume useable content depends on the available PET bottles, estimated at 0.5 liter after 5 liters
  • Kit includes two sizes of bottle caps, standard and enhanced PET
  • Substitution of shutters is easy, just pull out the tube and inserted into the second closure, to flip the valve
  • The kit contains two ways of attaching the tube to a backpack or clothing

For inserts Omega Reservoir (I have a pad and a second time as part of a liner bag) is a problem for me quite proper cleaning and drying mainly liners: washing itself is not the problem, but without any drying bag liners holding the bag walls apart not.

The second disadvantage is that you drink, drink, and suddenly you through the placement of a tube at the bottom to dry without’ve had the opportunity to learn if you accidentally left some iron stores last 100-200 ml drink.

The advantage of solutions such as Omega Reservoir is a long history of use and lots of backpacks that are tailored to these beverage bladders.

Universal complement Smart Tube in terms of long-term use significantly better than Omega Reservoir not only for maintenance, but also during use. Suitable PET bottle sizes corresponding to your drinking demands you have on hand anytime and anywhere. In the event of a significant pollution bottle it simply zmačkáte and leave the plastic container and use another bottle.

The big advantage of Smart Tube is the ability to adjust the length of the tube inside the bottle. You can easily determine which begins stockpiling water, and when it is necessary to look for appropriate opportunities additions. In my case, I have an iron supply for the trip sunbathed in July, crossing the Romanian mountains Fagaraš set as 150 ml and it paid off.

Smart Tube is available in the water bottle store WaterBottlesShop at CZK 290 for stainless steel version, while other stores offering it for 399 CZK . In contrast, Omega Reservoir is available at prices from 590 CZK amount by volume.

Who seems to cost CZK 290 is too large and has plenty of free time (students who do over the holidays brigade), can read a two-page discussion on the web Outdoor Forum , which is the topic of Smart Tube launched in May 2007 and according to the instructions to Make own version.

Links and accessories Smart Tube manufactured by Blue Desert . There is also a similar solution called Convertube from Source Vagabond .

Worth reading and worth alternativci different type of hydration Source – US / 3L 1 (camelbag) vz. 95

If anyone is interested in dvouliltrový Omega Reservoir , get rid of it for the price of Smart Tube, ie. 290 CZK.


With the exception of cycling trips and their designated special backpack containing the insert Omega Reservoir in my experience the best and most versatile optionSmart Tube , even at the late autumn and winter – of course accompanied by isolation.