Canadian Parliament Low Illegal Files, Says Pirate Party

Last month it was discovered that studios like Sony, Fox and Warner, as well as the department security domestic US, the official residence of the French Presidency and the very RIAA usually download content protected by copyright network. Now it was revealed that the honorable Canadian Parliament is also a place where happen piracy of digital files.

The complaint was made by the Canadian arm of the Pirate Party , which had access to some of the content downloaded by politicians and their advisors in the last months of November and December. Among the materials are downloaded movie files, music, software and books.

“The Party Canadian Pirate discovered several evidence of copyright violations in parliament (…) The information was discovered through the same IP tracking methods used by the RIAA and MPAA to find computer address to enter lawsuits,” said the college in official announcement. They point out also that in the beginning of 2011 Canadian providers were forced to hand over user data due to downloads of the movie “War on Terror”.

“It is quite ironic that this same group is working to toughen the laws of copyright infringement,” said Travis McCrea, candidate for Vancouver government the party in the last elections. “The example of the case of the process of ‘War on Terror’, the report shows that the content was downloaded, but does not indicate exactly who did it,” concludes the political.