Cardigan with Fur Trim Collar

Outside, the cold and bad weather, and before each girl raises the eternal question – what to wear? The choice of our clothing is not limited to the parameter “that is warm,” it is important to continue to be attractive and showy clothes, while remaining feminine even in a warm sweater or vest.

Ladies Cardigan with Fur

We are very happy to wear vests, given the right parts of your wardrobe, you can intelligently hide flaws and highlight the advantages of our numbers. This is a really elegant things that even you warm in autumn and winter. These options include warm cardigan with leather, and it can be worn as a separate autonomous unit of clothes and wear under your clothes. Models cardigans with fur hood and complemented with thick fur will warm worse than warm jacket Sintepon, but it will look much more attractive precisely.
Sure, vests decorated with leather look striking analogies with artificial leather as hair jewelry is real women, but not necessarily to pursue more expensive models, and it may allow easy options. Anyway, this jacket will look beautiful.
Women in fur vest can be as short and long coat. They are usually prescribed pockets and belt. Even if you liked vest or belt, you can easily supplement their way through the red tape of a contrasting color that adds extra zest and charm.
Very stylish look cardigans with leather suit with dense tissue. But in this case I prefer a combination of leather, this product does not seem too primitive. This vest is most advantageous to combine a rigorous style of clothing or feminine dresses.