Celebrity Fashion Jewelry Trends

The jewels of the stars are often very eccentric creations that dictate trends like the clothing and other accessories worn by them in the most fashionable occasions. To show off the most special models are often celebrities younger, but the most beautiful red carpet of the world have seen in recent months unique jewelry complete luxury outfits of Hollywood actresses and starlets, necklaces, bracelets and earrings especially become the must-have for all fashion victims.

When it comes to star in a position to launch trends, one can not fail to mention Angelina Jolie. The beautiful actress has become a style icon like very few others, her looks are constantly in the spotlight and that’s because

Celebrity Fashion Jewelry Trends

his passion for unexpected details conquering everyone who sees it. In recent weeks Angelina Jolie has traveled the world for the presentation of “Maleficent”, a fantasy film the protagonist, and in these occasions sported unique high jewelery creations.

I look for the premiere of Maleficent have seen dominating chiefs in dark tones, such as the beautiful dress in black leather to which the actress matched jewelry Stella McCartney custom made: it is only one earring and bracelets in gold with pointed studs , trend already taken up by many other brands!

More classic choices of the stars during events like the Oscars 2014 have seen only oufit on the red carpet. The diamonds have always been the best friends of women, so here is Jessica Biel bet on a path entirely bracelet with white diamonds, while the rising star in Hollywood, Lupita Nyong’o choose more classic creations in red gold, but often in forms very unusual.

Gold and diamonds for Chopard jewels that are always one of the first choices of the stars, from Kate Blanchett in Lea Seydoux, while Julianne Moore prefers the timeless appeal of Bulgari jewelry with emeralds and in particular that you know, are always a great time to red. Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton among the VIPs younger preferences, from Blake Lively to Jennifer Lawrence, while the most eccentric remain as always the bad girls of the star system, from Rihanna who loves to wear very showy jewelry, Cara Delevingne that does not mind glam rock touches in his look.

Take a look at the pictures of our photo gallery, which is the most chic jewelry worn by the stars this year?