Celebrity Make-Up Errors

Hello guys!!!

I don’t know about you … but I find it amazing the power that the makeup has to leave us even more beautiful. Can you hide what you don’t like, like that dark circles or a pimple teeensa (lol!), and highlight what we have more beautiful. So how can you leave us better makeup can end with our lives! Who never overreacted in blush!? Or used the base tone wrong!? Huh!? RS

Celebrity Make-Up Errors

To err is human.. and even celebrities escape!! Even full of makeup artists famous and top products to be super cute some wrong ugly!! If they make mistakes, imagine we poor mortals!

Now ehuacom will show you some of the most common mistakes committed by the famous make and learn from them!

Super common error, not just the celebrities. Take a look at the photos of some ballad or party that will have someone like that! I swear!! This happens with who “delivers” a lot in much lighter concealer than the skin tone or puts too translucent powder to internalize better the concealer. Dark circles are covered but the region is much clearer and, usually, the flash highlights even more, especially the accumulation of dust.

Very controversial! RS is the kind of thing I live nobody notices but when someone could take a picture and the flash hits.. big-time! lol this is all a reaction between the translucent powder particles with the flash of the cameras. No, it’s not to throw your translucent powder in the trash, but be careful and spread it well when you apply. Or take a picture with flash before you leave and check! RS

Who ever!? Especially if you’re too white is almost impossible not to miss the hand using a blush more pigmented. I say this from experience! RS when that happens is just clean the brush to get the rest of the product and the smoke clears, or apply a little powder on top to give a “diluted” in color, and if all goes wrong is just in case the William and take everything! RS is easy to miss on hand when lighting the place that you’re putting makeup on doesn’t help, it’s always good to check before leaving the House in natural light.

There’s no point in testing the base color in your hand or wrist. you have to be on my face!! Nothing more awkward than the face of a color and the rest of the body to another. Be patient when buying a base not to err, it is worth to take a record in your tom to compare.

Use brass to be less white girl and give some color to more face health is one thing. now be orange or stained in the face is another! Find a color that matches your skin tone and apply the product always faded as well. Here also are the tips to avoid the blush chinelada! RS

No comment! RS

These are just some of the mistakes that were made. Has very more, but I can’t talk about everything in one post. I’m seriously considering making a part 2 with more mistakes, what do you think!?

I admit I’ve samo leaves in many pictures with panda reversed and stayed with blush on your face slipper part!! RS is just taking a little care and if police!!

And you girls have already made some of these mistakes?