Cheap Headset for iPod and iPhone – Plantronics Backbeat 116

Plantronics Backbeat 116 headset provides high audio quality. The neodymium based micro speakers offers a great sound to your favorite music and clarify the management and the calls. The headset is brightly colored, with a brushed-metal finish. See wholesaleably for detail item information and discount sale. Compatible with the iPhone’s, most smart phones and MP3 players. This Backbeat 116 headset with microphone is the perfect replacement for the Apple headphones and is also perfect for those who want comfort, style and a good sound.

Cheap Headset for iPod and iPhone

  • Easy to use with a button for call and music control
  • Scale anodized metal finish
  • Discreet built-in microphone for convenient call
  • Neodymium micro speakers provide excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, most smart phones and MP3 players with standard 3.5 mm Jack plug
  • Amazing as accessories for iPod and iPhone.