Chinese Government Wants to Launch Search Site

Chinese state two announced Thursday an agreement to create a new search site that will have the thankless task to overcome the local leader Baidu (70%) and the ubiquitous Google (24.5%) in the market over the web in search of parents.

For now given the pompous name of Search Engine New Media Communications Co. The new website is a creation of China Mobile, the largest and most valuable world’s telephone operator with its 508 million subscribers, and network news Xinhua News.”The mechanisms search have a great ability to integrate people and an important role in disseminating information to influence public opinion. The new site will help China protect information and provide a robust, healthy and orderly development for local media companies, “said Zhou Xisheng, president of Xinhua, in a statement announcing the partnership.

For some experts, it is not yet clear how it will form this new company will work. “The project can be only one way of performing the Xinhua content searches for mobile devices,” said Liu Ning, an analyst at company analysis market DBA, complete that stating that “on the desktop, do not believe they will force the enough to combat leaders like Baidu or Google. ”

The Chinese government headaches with search engines as soon started earlier this year when Google announced plans to stop censoring the web for sailors of the country, even failing to close their businesses there – which turned out not happening. Even sympathetic to the command of the country, the suspicions against Baidu are motivated mainly because he is a private equity company, and therefore less “controllable”.