Choose Bike Helmet Size

Do you plan to buy a bicycle helmet and do not know which size to choose? Do not worry, we will try to help you choose the bike helmet that best protects your head in case of fall.

To do this, you just have to take measure of the contour of your skull from the widest part, that is, the part of the forehead. From the contour obtained, you can know the size of helmet that corresponds to you taking into account the following guide:

How To Choose A Bicycle Helmet

Note that this table is not universal for all brands of bicycle helmets. There may be a manufacturer that offers small variations with respect to our data, but as a general rule, each brand offers a size chart on its website so you can confirm the size of the helmet that corresponds to your head contour.

If you wish, in this web you can have a look at the best bicycle helmets that you can buy. There are models of road, mountain, all mountain, enduro or even for children.

The Importance Of The Helmet

Although many see the helmet as a discomfort, it is the only element of security that we carry to protect our head from blows. Imagine an egg that falls to the ground, well, that can happen to our skull if we get a blow in the right place and with the right force.

It can even be the case that we fall and receive a small blow that is not so strong but that causesinjuries of diverse nature. Please wear your helmet whenever riding a bike. At first it is hard to get used but then you will not know how to go without it.

If you go by the mountain, you will also be grateful to wear a helmet since all the blows of brancheswill take them and not our head.

The Differences Of A Helmet Of 20 Euros And One Of 100 Euros

The mission of a helmet is to protect our head against blows and if we bet on a manufacturer that meets the necessary safety standards, we will get a similar protection in a cheap and expensive helmet. What then is the difference between one and the other?

Although they protect equally, they are not just as comfortable. An expensive helmet is lighter, offers more air intakes to keep our head cool, your visor is often adjustable and aerodynamics are improved. There are also aesthetic factors that have to be paid or even extras such as the GoPro camera hitch. All that has to be paid.

You yourselves can verify the differences that comment if you compare the blue helmet that you have two paragraphs above (economic model) in front of the IXS that heads this post and whose price is around 90 euros. They have nothing to do.

No need to go to the model of more expensive bike helmet but if you recommend spending between 50 and 100 euros at least, thank you if you go cycling on a regular basis.

When To Change The Bicycle Helmet

It is very common to buy a helmet and leave it there for years and years. That is wrong and even if it sounds like myth, bicycle helmets will expire. This is because the material with which they are manufactured is losing properties, hardens and protects worse from the blows with the passage of time. On average, it is usually recommended to change helmets every 5 or 6 years although they have not suffered any type of blow.

Of course, this figure is not absolute and can vary widely. It is not the same to keep the helmet in a place that gives the sun each day, withstanding many changes in temperature than in a place in the shade but still, change every five or six years if you ride a bike frequently and if not, too. If you do not go out much, you can bet on cheaper models so you do not hurt so much to pay for a new helmet.

If we have a strong fall, it is likely that the hull suffered structural damage (visible or not visible, be careful with this) so it has already fulfilled the purpose for which it was manufactured. If your helmet is cracked or broken, change it because it will no longer protect you.