Choosing the Right Pillow

Whatever your preferred sleeping position, it is important to complete the ideal bed with perfect accessories.

A good pillow is a vital help for sleep and it not only serves to maintain align your neck and your back. One or two extra pillows can give you many holding options, be it in the neck, around the face, between or under the knees or lower back. If you sleep on your back, you can put a small pillow under your instep. If you sleep on your side, you can place a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your stomach, you can place a pillow under your hips to keep the joints.

We have spent years developing the Hästens pillow, as our beds. Balancing with maintaining breathability to keep the neck, shoulders and spine aligned. And a travel pillow with the same qualities to make even the longest journey a little more bearable.

Hästens Each pillow is made of ethical origin down and uses our unique weaving techniques to be as breathable and fresh sweet it is.

Hästens Pillows Guide

Now necessaryhome offers some tips and tricks to help you find the right pillow to sleep.

Your bed you support?

If you have a flexible Hästens, you only may need have a thin pillow to rest your body aligned while you sleep. In some cases, we have known people with flexible Hästens who did not even need a pillow.

Have you too hot?

Hopefully you already have a Hästens bed and your body is therefore always at the ideal temperature for sleeping. However, in some countries where the temperature changes dramatically, maybe you need a bed for the summer and for winter. And do not forget to make sure that we do not prevent the breathability of your bedding with a number of son in high square inch, which in some cases is as restrictive as synthetic pillow.

You move a lot?

Nobody stays perfectly still while sleeping. It is an illusion. If you move a lot while sleeping, try a slightly thinner pillow that does not and will not interfere limit your movements.

Think about packing.

If you like to feel surrounded by smooth, then the down is perfect for you. Our pillows are down tight, which means that you never have small feathers coming out to tickle you. And down really well regulates temperature to keep you cool or warm when you need them.

You are allergic to down?

If you are allergic to down, invest in a pillowcase hypoallergenic pillow. You still get the benefits of its superior softness in those nasty sniffles.

Buy More, For More Beauty

Not yours, that of your room … A handful of pillows can turn your bedroom into a spa for sleep simply by shaking and tapping them in the middle to keep their shape. Scatter them as you want.

Front or behind?

If you sleep on your stomach or back, we recommend a flatter pillow and thinner for less stress on your spine.

On The Side ?

People who sleep on their side tend to sleep better with a bigger pillow. It is a question of alignment, sleep on your shoulders raises your neck, who will thank you for that little extra support.

To try before you buy.

At Hästens, we think you’re never going to get what is right for you if you do not try it properly before, with the help of our sleep consultants. Our shops offer all our pillows, and what we love above all is to make sure that you get the perfect sleep. Spend anytime.