Civil Guard: 50 Meters Swimming

Eastern Friday Let’s end with proofs for the preparation of testing skills physical to enter in the body of the civil guard. For those people who you reenganchéis now these items you must know that we have already exposed others as: tests physical civil guard: 50 meter dash, tests physical Guardia Civil: 1000 meters race, tests physical Guardia civil: push-ups.

As you know, this article is intended to respond to those people who prepare oppositions to the Civil Guard. Already did this before, but they were items of preparation for physical testing of the national police. Such as: CNP physical tests: pull-ups, CNP physical tests: jump, CNP physical tests: 2000 meters and CNP physical tests: circuit. You can check them out, because that also may be helpful, as both bodies are looking for people to be complete in terms of the skills and basic skills .

What the physical evidence of the civil guard consist of?

As we have done in previous articles, we will show you all the tests and brands which we will require to get the fit on the physical exam.

The Civil Guard tests consist of:

1st race of 1000 meters. (Resistance) / Time not superior to 4′ 10 “men / not-4′-exceeding 40” women.

2nd career 50-meter dash (speed) / not more than 8 ‘ 30 men / not more than 9 ‘ 40.

3 ° flexion of arms (strength) / not less than 18 men / not less than 14 women.

4th swimming 50 meters free / Not more than 70 seconds men / not more than 75 seconds women.

50 m swimming

As it is becoming customary in our items, we will perform a preparation that is divided into 4 phases, clearly delineated in time:

→ general physical conditioning: start to the season.

→ increase: three months earlier than the specified period

→ specific period: month and half before the celebration of the physical tests

→ competitive period: week before tests

** It should be noted before, that periods of training van referred solely and exclusively to the test that is being developed. To achieve an optimal state of readiness for the testing will have to add all the periods of each of the articles of the different tests**

1 general fitness: the reality is that during this period with the fitness in the gym and coming out to run will be sufficient, then swimming will be developed by full in the following period, called the increase in work.

However for those who have not completed swimming or are completely unfamiliar with technique or non-swimmers, would be very advisable that countenance to a facility with pool and under supervision sports they start to work, so when the next training period they are not without any knowledge acquired.

For those people who decide that do not want to wait for the next period of training, may be once a week between 30 to 45 minutes of continuous swimming. It should be noted that physical activity in water is very strenuous, so not worth forcing the machine. I always recommend to perform between 1000 m and 1200 m maximum.

2 – increase in work: when they are approximately 6 months for the celebration of the physical tests, we will start this process of training that will last a 3 months – 3 months and a half.

Here is where we will have to begin to make a more regular activity. I particularly recommend to perform:

Week 1: Series 15 minutes continuous swimming → + 3 series x 50 metres + 3 series x 100 metres (recovery 1′ between series and series Max) + 10 minutes continuous swimming

Week 2: 2 sessions of swimming.

→ Session 1: Series → 15 minutes continuous swimming + 6 series x 25 meters at maximum speed (recovery 1 ‘ between series and series Max) + 10 minutes continuous swimming

→ Session 2: 1 session of swimming that can perform continuous swimming for approximately 1000 – 1500 metres

Obviously the series don’t have to be always in the same way and in the same way. We can vary the distances: 25 m, 50 m, 75 m, 100 m, 150 m, 200 m, 250 m… You can also vary the recovery times. It seems implicit that those series that let’s more meters recoveries should be longer and in those series in which routes less meters recoveries should be shorter.

3 – specific period: the specified period is that time of the season where we will work in extreme form, guiding our training towards the main objective, which is to take 50 meters in the shortest possible time.

Nor is it convenient to much force to our body, because we already take much training in our back and it would be convenient that henceforth we trained only once a week and very focused on our goal. I.e. from now will make a series of speed work where our fundamental objective is to get adapted to our body to what will be the proof that we have to do on the exam.

The day of training could be:

→ 15 minutes continuous swimming + 5 series x 50 metres (rec 45 “) + 15 minutes continuous swimming

But we can also realize series a little longer in order to go more uncluttered day of examination:

→ 4 series x 75 m (rec 45 “)

4 – competitive period: in my opinion, I think that we will get better results if between 5 and 7 days prior to the test is not carried out any type of activity aggressively. This is not to say that the rest is absolute, although it won’t be nothing if these days we do nothing. Those who do not wish to stand, I would recommend stretching to have your muscles toned and prepared for action.

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