Coccinelle Bags in Timeless Elegance

They still exist,the designer bags,which become a lasting favorite item and can carry you for several years without anybody saying they look old-fashioned. And the label Coccinelle,well-known for light,young and unpretentious looks,gives us this season louder pockets, which are timelessly elegant. Here is the money for expensive design pieces really well invested. You just have quite a bit of it. Coccinelle bags are very popular with stars like Sienna Miller.All bags can be found at

Coccinelle bags of the latest collection

Favorite piece discovered but sold out?If you have found a bag on thesciencetutor, do not hesitate and look around our overview.There you find:

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Coccinelle Bucket Bag in a delicate gold shimmer

Bucket bags remain the trend.This model of Coccinelle bag, the Mel Saffiano can have you in several great colors,also yellow and pink are there.We find the variant in shimmering metallic look the most beautiful.In the summer,it looks sunny,and in the winter it looks beautifully glamorous.This is clearly a piece, which will be worn for a long time and certainly very often.

Pink and metal – fine combi from Coccinelle

Very clean and smart, this fine little handbag by Coccinelle.Charming young and girlish obendrein,as it is typical of the label.Characteristic here is the eye-catching folding flap with logos.Such a bag is perfect for modern business looks:Soft flowing pants and jacket.Strict forms with puristic jewelery are the ideal complement.

Classics for all living situations – the trapeze bag

If you do not have such a model yet – you need it!The Coccinelle tote bag in subtle taupe or black will accompany you everywhere.She holds back elegantly,but is highly elegant and chic.They would not want to miss them any longer if they had been longer.You can also have them in black, white and pretty bright red.You certainly do not regret buying such a classic bag,it can accompany you for many years, if you want.

Noble Rauleder in focus – the Sophie Hobo of Coccinelle

Here the beautiful suede is the focus!This bag is quite large and offers plenty of storage space for your shopping trips.Currently it is drastically reduced and costs only 188 €.A bargain for a stylish designer bag.Typically clean and minimalist in design,it fits beautifully to bright,elegant outfits.Take glamorous accessories like big sunglasses and eye-catching jewelry.

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Conclusion:Coccinelle bags, translated, the small ladybug is a very popular brand.It exudes great-urban elegance and a free,French sense of life. And yes, in fact, it makes life easy for us.Because their bags help us turn around to luxuriously looking outfits.Even if we only combine a pair of jeans and a blouse, the outfit is fashionable by the elegant designer bag. Coccinelle offers this season louder such models that you can wear for many years.The forms and designs are,on the one hand,clear and reserved, indeed classic,but also modern and contemporary. With these bags you do not commit a fashionable misfortune, they remain trendy.