Comfortable Jumpsuits

Dress, pants or a skirt yet? The jumpsuit is a fashionable all-rounder, which has already secured an indispensable part of the summer a place in our wardrobe. The reasons are enough! So the jumpsuit is not only practical and convenient, but also absolutely trendy and so stylish. But be careful, after all, the jumpsuit is not exactly easy to combine. Do you reveal how you guarantee not walk in the bodysuits case.


The Duden mComfortable Jumpsuitseans the jumpsuit as a “one-piece suit,” which so far also true when it is a one piece. But pantsuit sounds so much more rigid and formal, as it can be a jumpsuit ever, because although it may look elegant and sophisticated in the right combination, but with a classic suit a jumpsuit will never bring agreement. Rather, it runs dresses and skirts as classic sundresses increasingly far behind, because a jumpsuit is not only practical, chic and hip, he is also probably airiest garment that you can wear in the summer. Time to take this textile prodigy even closer look!

Jumpsuit: Where did he come from, where does he want?

From the air to the catwalk and continue on the road – something like this could be the meteoric rise of the jumpsuit designate. As a classic uniform of professional skydivers and civilian parachute athletes the jumpsuit has been put on to the domestic wardrobes of fashionistas and fashion goddesses world quite a long way. Today, the jumpsuit has long since arrived in the international fashion scene, found both on the catwalks of the most renowned designers as well as large retailers place repeatedly. And the ladies? The love the jumpsuit! For no garment is so comfortable and practical, while also becoming. Where the lords of creation associations with the pregnant onesie can not be dismissed out of hand, see mode enthusiastic women the many advantages of the jumpsuit. Wanderings and -zerren at too short or too tight dresses and skirts makes the jumpsuit in no time superfluous and also the troublesome question of whether top and pants because fit together, answered the jumpsuit quasi by itself. Practical and convenient is easier! Here also the jumpsuit may well come along sexy and Best Uses, he is probably the most versatile garment of summer.

The jumpsuit in all its forms and colors

called under a classic jumpsuit, also Onesie or coveralls, understood as a one-piece with long legs, whereas the shell game comes diverse. Whether strapless, halterneck, Batwing or in T-optics, with wide cut-out neckline or backless – the jumpsuit quasi everything is above allowed around. The silhouette of the jumpsuit may be designed quite differently. So there is one hand those jumpsuits that are amply sized and therefore fall loosely. Eng cut the jumpsuit is rather sexy, therefore, with crease he is even suitable as a business dress. All they have in common that the leg portion is long. The version with short legs is called playsuit and is an excellent alternative to short skirts, dresses or shorts, but is on elegant evening events or office rather inappropriate.

Jumpsuit: Identification and combination miracle

The silhouette is the jumpsuit flowing, that is, that even materials with that property are excellent for jumpsuits. Most popular are here probably silk and jersey, but also cotton, linen or material mixes are often used for jumpsuits. During a silk jumpsuit naturally very chic and elegant comes along and is therefore suitable also for the office, the jumpsuit made of jersey or cotton is more in the leisure to settle. The most important thing in a jumpsuit are the shoes that you wear this because they give your look the finish.Generally fit a jumpsuit all shoes, but the combination with sneakers, slip ons or sneakers you should be limited to the time. For a more elegant look business or event requires high heels or strappy sandals with heel, but also ballerinas and flat sandals provide a jumpsuit a certain direction. Hardly any other piece of clothing is such a statement! While you’re with jumpsuit and killer heels an eye-catcher of every party, You give your jumpsuit with sandals and espadrilles a sympathetic-permeable hippie flair. You see, there are few garments that are as varied in many ways like the jumpsuit. Click your way through our gallery and let yourself be inspired by the cool jumpsuit-Styles of Stars.