Cool Summer Bikinis

Bikini cowl 2016, here is one of the coolest trends of summer. Did you follow a healthy lifestyle and you train so much? Here’s the swimsuit that rewards your curves!

Accomplice this inordinate passion for everything related to the world of fitness and wellness, this year will wear sporty even to go to the beach. It is no coincidence that one of the most beautiful and attractive Collections of summer 2016 there are also high-neck bikini sports profiles, reminiscent of the Olympic swimsuits worn by swimmers.

So the classic two-piece bathing suit by the pool, reinterpreted and revisited, becomes a cult to wear at the beach even when the Sun puts crisis a Tan, because in that case the risk of finding themselves with a Tan stripe which emerges from a dress is more than likely, yet many, including celebrities, have already worn and shown off on holiday. Thus we discover together the most beautiful summer 2016 Turtleneck bikini!

1st maybe we should ask ourselves if, in fact, these costumes are just fine at all. What can we say? Pretty much Yes, but there is no doubt that he feels better for those who have a toned physique and a dry abdomen to show, in short, to all those who during the winter are dedicated to the care of your body by following a healthy diet and weekly training sessions.

Whatever the costume that you wear this summer, let’s find out what are the most beautiful high-neck bikini season. They range from classic sporty costume, so that tank top criss cross on his back, most glamorous models offered by brands like Calzedonia swimwear and Oysho, which aim at the right middle ground that will make you appreciate the charms of a model of this type which, let us recall once again, not ideal if your goal is a Tan uniform. Visit this link for bikini body type tips.

The most sexy and seductive as some of Victoria’s Secret swimwear with modern and sporty, like those from Seafolly and Billabong, there is an embarrassment of choice and the most unusual aspect is that often these are paired with oversize top micro-slip. Calzedonia, for example, round about crochet and solid colors, while Asos is carried away by the charm of prints proposing real Bras tank top resembling top technician we wear for practice. Also very beautiful sporty swimsuits that follow more or less the same line of the two pieces, but with strategic cut out openings that make the whole piece classic modern and trendy.

If you do not fear striped Tan, then you can’t miss the photo gallery which we dedicated to the most beautiful Turtleneck swimwear summer 2016!