Corning Presents An Anti-Reflective And Anti-Bacterial Glass For Tablets And Smart Phones

One of the major drawbacks when it comes to monitors, which is used in tablets and smart phones is that they are very sensitive to light reflections. It can be difficult to work comfortably on your tablet, while you’re on the road, and the Sun is shining. Fortunately, this will soon change, according to Corning.

Corning is one of the largest glass manufacturers such as producer Gorilla Glass, which is found in many tablets and smart phones. However, the company also develops an anti-reflective glass, where reflexes no longer will be a nuisance, and this will increase readability outdoors. The glass is shown in the picture below, but circle as you see in the middle is not a real hole. The glass in this circle is in fact equipped with an anti-reflective coating: You can easily see through it without reflectors.

Although it is a very important step forward, it is not the only interesting thing about this glass. The current Gorilla Glass may not shatter and resists scratches, and the improved version has a special anti-bacterial coating.

Corning is also working on a new kind of glass which is called Willow Glass. This glass is just as strong as a Gorilla Glass, but also thinner.

It’s an interesting trend that we see in the next generations tablets and smart phones. But it is not yet clear when the first products with this glass will show up on the market.