Cowest Jeans, Jeans In Spain Company, Raises Your Positioning

lowest Jeans elevates its position and grows in Portugal, France and United Kingdom, pubilcacion of

Cowest Jeans changes from third. Company Spanish, specializing in male and female fashion, raises its positioning in order to consolidate its presence in spaces multi-brand in Spain and enhances its international growth with the launch of a network of sales agents in Portugal, France and United Kingdom,

As explained by Laura Sánchez, Manager of the company, Laura Sánchez is part of the second generation of the family that runs the company, founded in 1983 by his parents, John and Carmen. Both had worked for another textile company and decided to mount his own workshop in Albacete. Until 1986, they worked for others, but they finally opted for having its own brand.

“We have spent several seasons performing specialization and next winter will be materialized with the launch of a collection of high end,” says Sanchez. The company aims to have a wider range of exclusive products, such as those who currently perform with custom prints.

In this way, the company plans to increase its distribution network in Spain, which is currently made up of 2,500 multi-brand outlets. Sanchez explains that his intention is to continue to grow in multibrand stores and that Cowest Jeans does not pose is to open stores in the short term.

“We are strengthening our international team, because export fashion made in Spain it is complicated,” says Sanchez. Cowest Jeans is now, forming a team of commercial agents to grow in United Kingdom, Portugal and France. In the Portuguese market as in the Gaul, the company already has a presence in some points of sale, but now work with agents to strengthen it and increase its distribution network.

In addition to these three countries, the company also expects to enter Greece and Italy in 2014 according to a2zyellowpages. The company had a presence in both countries and now faces his return.

Cowest Jeans, who continues making 100 percent of its production in Albacete and employs 70 people, concluded the year 2012 with a 15% increase in its turnover. The company, which does not facilitate the turnover of absolute, is planning year-end 2013 with an increase of between 30% and 40% of sales.