Create Your Own E-commerce (with a Little Help From Magazine Luiza)

The Magazine Luiza launched this week a nifty idea of selling products that should please those who like to take a caraminguás using the internet. Called Magazine You, the proposal is to allow you to have your store e-commerce based on the Magazine Luiza products. It is a store only your, customized with what you want to sell and the best: with a percentage of sales falling directly in your pocket.

As responsible for assembling the store is you, is up to you which products will appear and in what order. You can choose up to 60 of the various products available, with 12 being safety stock.

When she is ready, simply spread her address for your profile on Facebook or Orkut using applications that Magazine Luiza created especially for this purpose. But the rest of the purchase (such as payment, delivery, warranty, etc.) is up to them.

Different product categories generate different percentages, but they always vary between 2.5% and 4.5% of the product. This committee, incidentally, is paid weekly, since the minimum value of R $ 50.00 is reached.

To register is very simple: just put your Social Security number, bank details to receive the commission and start creating the store. If you already have an account with Magazine Luiza, better yet, your data will already be pulled right there.

Likes? Click here and create your store right now.