Creative Ideas to Recycle Water Bottles

We often browse Pinterest, and find so many creative ideas for the house from which to take inspiration, so many cute ideas DIY to be realized easily and with very few items, recyclable wholesale ice wine bottles such as glass bottles, jars, cans for preserves etc…

If at home you have a bit ‘of these objects and you do not know what do with it, do not throw them, sfruttali to realize the fantastic decorations and decorations to be placed over your favorite shelf or on the table as a centerpiece.
Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Recycling tin cans

The blog The figurine  has recycled tin cans, wrapping them with a sheet of newspaper or a page of a book with the aged coffee brushstrokes and blocked with colored ribbons. Once the jar, you can fill it with earth, by planting the seedlings inside at will.

You do not know where to place the basil and parsley seedlings? But in tin cans: dipingili with the bronze spray paint, easy idea found on

Another idea with tin cans you recycle them to make the colored pen to be placed on your desk or that of your children.

You can take advantage of the tin cans for outdoor use, for those plants by advanced garden and you do not know where to put. Paint cans (preferably large diameter, such as cans of paint) and fix them to the fence.

Recycling glass jars

A beautiful wall decoration found on, made by recycling of glass jars, those for preserves and hung from a wooden structure with a black metal chain.

A truly original candle holders made of glass jars filled with water, the balls in jelly (easily found by florists) and a small round candle. Tutorial on

You want the pasta, cereals or grains of corn on hand in your kitchen? That’s a very clever idea made of glass jars. The full tutorial on HGTV.

A door brushes tricks to be placed in the bathroom, realized by coloring of the glass jars or even plastic. Of Rusted Treasure.

Jenna Burger has created a beautiful decoration on the cans and glass jars with a few simple materials: the end of the string or rope, hot glue and spray paint.

Recycling of glass bottles

Nice idea to decorate your empty shelf, fill the glass jars with the large, colorful rooms with crushed chalk or with glitter or advanced charms of your bracelets.

Very nice idea and easy to realize the placeholder is coloring a glass bottle with tempera.

Of candle holders very special, made of long-necked glass bottles, filled with bay leaves and other spices. On the neck mouth you were positioned long colored candles.

It does so much summer and wanted to sea this decoration on glass bottles. Following the tutorial on you can realize them with rope decorative retina.

A striking centerpiece, made with many bottles filled with water and cut flowers, placed on a wooden stand made specifically. Of Lydia Bizarre.