Cyanogen Has a New Official Partner

Although Cyanogens first official supported smartphone has just struck the deal, is a new collaboration has been announced.

When Oppo N1 recently struck the deal, it was the first official ones, which was supported by CyanogenMod. Now see it, however, seem that Cyanogen goes into a collaboration about an upcoming smartphone named ‘OnePlus One’.
Although the term “The One” has been worn out, inter alia, in. The Lord of the rings, Highlander and a mysterious martial arts film starring Jet Li, so it has not stopped the folks behind the new constellation, to reuse the title.

But it may be good news for the hardcore part of mobile people, for just the android based open source system CyanogenMod combined with the position of the Oppo’s former Director Richard Lau, can create an unusually uncompromising smartphone.

LAU is known for, not to choose the cheap solutions and components, just as he is of the belief that a smartphone should not be different just to be different, but to be able to offer users a range of innovative and practical solutions. For the same reason he left Oppo last year, but will be likely to find in the new project.

Thus is the first step in the direction of a custom mobile experience. What it has, we become much smarter on later this year.