Cyanogen Prepares Its Own SDK Applications Are Better Integrated with The ROM

Cyanogen still determined to make Android evolve on their own, and such is his commitment to as reported in Android Police, responsible for the most popular alternative ROM which we can install our mobile they are preparing their own SDK so developers can better integrate their applications with Cyanogen OS.

As we can see in the profile of the project on GitHub, the first functionality that can be implemented with this SDK will be the of integrate the application with the Quick Settings, but soon they will also include support for features like gestures when the screen is off, proxies, and so that we will learn as they go forward.

This project is still in its early stages, so it could be weeks or even months until ROM managers decide to make it official and show us in conditions all the functionalities that are planning to integrate. But that does not mean that is an important step to follow his way to get Android to emancipate you from Google.

If you have curiosity and desire to gossip the little information that is available about this SDK, You can do it both in the CyanogenMod page and their corresponding github profile code review or a newly created community Google +, so newly created fact that while there is not an only message in it. Follow attentive to leave reporting.


Cyanogen prepares its own SDK for applications to …

Cyanogen prepares its own SDK for applications to ...