Cyanogen Will Be Part of Its Proprietary Software

The news of the formation of the company Cyanogen Inc. continues to give much to talk about in what comes to their ROMs. If there were problems with the Focal application, that ended up coming to Google Play, the subject of the own ROM code won’t be for less, because it will be one of the most important in regards to their business model.

Manufacturers that are going to pay to have a ROM Cyanogen made specifically for them very probably do not see with good eyes that anyone can have the same as them without going through the box. This implies that you need to change some specs of your code, that will eventually make that part of the code is proprietary code.

As he has said one of the owners of the company on Reddit, have confirmed that part of its business will be the code itself, and that this will force them to that part of the code does not have an open source license. They have realized that they won’t close code that created the community, support devices nor the core of the project.

The impact that this can be summarised in there are functions which are only in these devices with Cyanogen’s series or who are on official ROMs but nowhere. The handicapped elderly will be those who believe other ROMs from the of this company, which could be in legal trouble if not omit such parts of the code.

Still need to see specific parts relate and how much just closing it. Many users showed their displeasure with this movement more awaiting details, but many movements of the company are promoting discontent among users who have supported them for so long