CyanogenMod 9 Running on The Nexus Q, a Great Step for Home Development

Nexus Q has become next to the Nexus 7 gadgets of the moment in the developer community. And whenever there is an important novelty in the Android world many dare to take the glove. The first we have seen some examples: can play games or even the Pong. The next step has already been achieved: the ROMs.

Jason Parker decided to take their Q Nexus and one of the latest versions of CyanogenMod 9 to see if I could make it work in this unique device. The result: positive. It is able to load the ROM and become an Android more conventional and familiar to users of Google spherical.

As always, there are many things to Polish to find at a precarious stage of development. At the moment there are things running smoothly, such as Bluetooth, Jason ensures that it can match virtually anything, or WiFi. However There is work still ahead but the first step has already been taken: loading ROMs.

Now, a range of interesting possibilities opens. With previous cases, it was demonstrated that it was possible. With the possibility of using modified versions of Android is left in evidence that the Nexus Q It can provide many things beyond the use for which it was originally created.

Finally we leave you with a short video showing the CyanogenMod ROM running. We hope to encourage Google to get the gadget out of the borders of the United States because forward home development can become a device with potential.