CyanogenMod Breaks Records and More Than 10 Million Installations

It’s amazing to see how from the first version of CyanogenMod, five years have passed to have a ROM more potent version of Android 1.5, that was on the HTC Dream, until the moment where they are now to be one of the main references of the sector.

Yesterday, without making much noise, CyanogenMod broke the number of installation to get a figure quite symbolic but also very important because it shows how big that is this project and the influence that it has had. Nothing more and nothing less than 10 million installations.

Five years of facilities from 1.5 to 4.4

They say soon, but to CyanogenMod, and by extension considering the ROMs, it is not a scene open to everyone, it is quite significant that has reached as many as this. To enjoy a ROM, especially at the beginning when we learn to install it, a little bit of mana need.

Reviewing the statistics of the website of the developers, it emphasizes the fact that the three devices with more facilities are Samsung: the Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and the Galaxy SIII. Behind them, a lot of terminals that already have enough time.

To this day, CyanogenMod works in more than eighty Android devices and right now are working on bringing Android 4.4 KitKat to all possible users. In addition, it should not be forgotten that they also collaborate very closely so that the Oppo terminals come with this ROM .

They have been really intense five years for them, they have helped many of us enjoy Android of otherwise, and it has also encouraged hundreds of developers and chefs to create also your own ROMs. Today is incredible the amount of people who are working in this scene.