Dalai Lama out of China’s iTunes App Store

A little history: declared an autonomous province of China since 1913, Tibet had an autonomous government until 1959, when its political leader and religious, who goes by the full name of His Holiness the Great Dalai Lama was removed from power and exiled in outside. Since then the two countries live at odds with the right to international uproar of a violent side and retaliations another.

Although still highly revered in Tibet, the figure of smiling man with yellow and red costumes has been called “the face of the devil” by the Chinese government, which considers “dangerous separatist.”

For these and other reaches not surprising that applications with references to Tibet’s top leader are not available in the iTunes App Store Chinese, as pointed out by the site PC World. At least five programs, such as the Dalai Lama Quotes, Dalai Lama Prayerwheel (which cost $ 0.99) and the Paging Dalai Lama (free) are no longer available in the online store, as well as Nobel Laureates, which contains information about of all Nobel prize winners since 1885 – and the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso received the Nobel Peace prize in 1989.

In an interview with PC World site, Trudy Muller, a spokesman for Apple, refutes the accusations of censorship stating that “we’re just following the local laws” and that “not all apps are available in all countries”

Recalling that in the recent past Google, Yahoo or Microsoft also followed recommendations of the Chinese government and blocked access to websites critical of the regime and delivered identities of bloggers, such censorship does not seem that serious.

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