Dealing with Operation Bikinis Right

And with it, to the famous “operation bikini”. Sorry to inform you, dear readers, that this operation does not exist, and if it does, is just another result of successfully marketing.

Like Christmas in this great Centre commercial that we all know, the operation bikini begins one or two months before June; When, unaware of the reality, thousands of people believe that it is possible to get a body of infarction in the short term.

Hasty diets, physical activity in excess, mental processes that abisman thing coherent and, above all, complete loss of control of your body. All for what? Ah yes, to get look a better “tipin” face to three hundred thousand people more at the beach or pool occupying a mini square meter of space.

My goal from uWorkFit is to make you reconsider the purpose and result of this practice if ever you’ve thought you bombard your body in this way. The impact of this type of diet, both food and sport is alarmingly dangerous.o

As well as not being effective in a percentage better not quote it, the control exercised over your metabolism to make such a radical change leads to serious disorders in your body in the medium and long term.

Through this article, and our best intention, we recover a report of radio’s early summer 2013 where we treat the operation bikinis with magnificent experts. We talk about benefits of the sport, the danger of “miracle diets” and the psychological profile of the exercise.

We leave you with the story, R.I.P. Bikinis. You will find more information on the subject in the next articles.