Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

The Christmas is very special time of the year. It’s a magical moment where families and friends gather to celebrate, reflect on the year, exchange gifts and eat lots of good food! It’s also a great opportunity to create and develop projects of decor made at home and who has the power to give a personal touch and very special to this date already so full of love and meaning. Nothing better than being able to decorate your home or your workplace with elegant themes, full of color and life and that will allow you to say: I made it!

A good Christmas decorations need not necessarily be expensive or take out their economies. You can create beautiful decorations and full of style using items you have available in your home, such as CDs, napkins, cutlery, photographs, glass jars, among others. You can also use decoration of previous years, giving a new face to add new colors and details. Imagination is the only limit to what you can do.

Split up some ideas of items that you can do at home and that will give a new touch to your Christmas decorations. Some require you to purchase stationery materials, while others require only creativity and good taste, but all are good options to bring novelty and innovation to their Christmas festivities. Let the Christmas spirit will rub off on you and check out some tips and ideas from creative, inexpensive and innovative decorations!

  1. Christmas trees recycled materials: Use recycled materials for making your Christmas tree can be a good thing, uniting the beauty of Christmas decorations with the importance of care for the environment. You can use materials such as pet bottles, card boards and cardboard, strings and ribbons and even glass drink bottles to create original and unique Christmas trees. Bet on innovative projects that will make a difference in the time to decorate your home for Christmas and surprise your guests!
  2. Glue: Ornaments on the tree and to your door can be made using colored papers like materials, CDs or DVDs, recycled metal or even plastic painted with metallic paints. Christmas is a good time of year to use bright and flashy decorations, mainly in gold and silver. Red and green are also great options to create beautiful and captivating combinations to look. Search for mixing materials and textures for a result even more beautiful.
  3. Pieces of ornament: You can use pieces of antique ornaments, such as ornaments, jewelry and Christmas not even old computer parts to compose your decor. Christmas fashion allows us to make innovations, so don’t be afraid to dare. Those pedrarias and earrings without pair can become beautiful tree ornaments, while old computer hard drives and even memory cards can serve as a basis and branches, respectively, in a more casual-themed Christmas decorations. The tip is to search by different combinations and have fun.
  4. Bowls and cups: Cups and beakers can be used to make Christmas decorations, whether as chandeliers or candy holder, either as thematic ornaments. You can use sugar or salt in the glasses to simulate snow and small twigs or pine cones to create miniature trees. As the Christmas season is a time for treats, can also be made using embellishments from candies and mints to compose the colors and decor. A Christmas themed bullets pleases the eyes and the palate!
  5. Paints: Use spray paints to redecorate items you already have and give them Christmas features can also be an idea cheaply and that allows a multitude of possibilities. You can paint pine branches to make tree decorations or even pine cones to use of embellishments. Using striking colors, such as red and gold, will make your decor has highlight and shine.
  6. Santa Claus: Santa is one of the symbols of Christmas and therefore can and should be used to compose the Christmas decorations. You can make paper characters, paraffin, and even of cloth! How Santa Claus is a remarkable character and very charismatic, can be a good thing to decorate the outside of your house and also more intimate and welcoming environments, like the living room or the kitchen. You can make the production of action figures of Santa Claus in a family activity that will yield lots of laughs.
  7. Snowman: Although most of Brazil never receive snow, she is a characteristic element of the Christmas celebration. You can make snowmen using white cloths like socks and napkins, or even make fake snow using salt or sugar. Decorate small items with artificial snow will give a Christmas mood to your decor and ensure good results. You can also make snowflakes with white paper or cardboard and use to decorate your tree or even your House.

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The most important thing for a good Christmas decorating 2016 is betting on established themes, always seeking to innovate in materials and on the characteristics of each decoration, giving a refined touch and unique. Seek always to convey his vision of Christmas by decorating and you will have praise and many good times to remember.