Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas us immersed in anticipation of the Christmas story.You can buy Christmas decorations in the DigoPaul, but more valuable are those made by yourself.

Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Alone can create truly original decorations for your home. With Christmas wreath made of you decorate the table for Christmas Eve and Christmas or hang it on the door of his home.

With several branches of natural or artificial tree will do real miracles. Combine three colors – green, red and silver or gold.

You can decorate the wreath with whatever comes to your mind, you do not have to adhere to any restrictions imposed by tradition. The elements are fixed using a thin wire, which is sold in garden centers.

Decorate the wreath with a wide red-golden ribbon. Spray the wreath with silver or gold spray. Small cones, artificial or natural fruits and candles complement the decoration.

Cut out paper snowflakes big and fasten them to the window with a thick solution of soap and water. This will help a lot easier their removal from the window after the holidays.

It looks very beautiful decoration of frosted pine branches. Soak branches in a solution of salt and water overnight. In the morning remove twigs and dry them with a hairdryer.

The water will evaporate, and on the needles will remain crystals of salt that resemble snow. Combine frosted branches ordinary and decorate them with garlands.

This is a great decoration for the room or for festive table. Decorate your windows with thin chains that hang down, and finally end with a toy.

From tinsel shape silhouette of the tree, which taped to the door of his home. Make yourself a little surprise for guests who will visit you at Christmas.

Easy and effective to give to each orange on the bark of which stuck with it karamfilcheta you spell the first letter of his name.