Detox Water for Weight Loss and Clear Skin

In winter drink is much more difficult, the cold does not feel thirsty, you sweat much less and does not feel the need to hydrate. This is absolutely wrong because our body needs more of the same amount of water. The early signs of dehydration can be seen from the skin that appears dry and dull, the copro looks more bloated because of water retention, even the headache is often a symptom of a lack of water intake. To re-establish the right balance you can make the winter detox water to drink during the cold season is at room temperature or warm.

What is detox water

The detox waters are infusions made with fruits and vegetables. The vegetables and fruits are soaked in water and allowed to stand overnight to release the active ingredients in the drink itself. In summer you can put them in the refrigerator during the exposure time, while in winter can be eaten warm or at room temperature.

How to prepare for the detox water

To realize the detox waters will serve fresh fruits and vegetables in season, recipes are varied and you can combine them with each other depending on the result you want to achieve.

If you love yourself you can start using this beverage as a base, you choose the green for a slimming effect and reduces swelling, the red one to delay the first signs of aging and the black one for an energy boost. Boil the tea and let stand, cut into pieces of ginger, apple, tangerine or grapefruit slices, a few leaves of salad and place them in the pot with the tea, cover and let stand for a few hours or for the whole night. Pour into a bottle and drink during the day, it is better not to filter the beverage obtained as fruits and vegetables release the active ingredients even as you sip the water detox. In this video I show you how to prepare two very easy detox waters and sports water bottles:
Below you will find many other recipes for all needs and tastes …

A panacea to which we should never give up, is the detox water with lemon. This mix should be drunk as soon as alarm clocks, as the first daily gesture, better if lukewarm because the hot water and lemon go to act on the fat deposits, speed up the metabolism, treat typical colds of winter and prevent free radicals.

Another great infused for your health, is accomplished with water, ginger and cranberries , again put the ginger and cranberries in a natural water bottle and left to soak overnight. Blueberries help to deflate the legs, strengthens the walls of veins, while ginger speeds up the elimination of fat.

In winter, pick any power with red fruits and green leafy vegetables such as spinach perfect to blend with water to create healthy smoothies and detox. Spinach give strength, help the memory and remove the sensation of tiredness.

The pomegranate is a real beauty elixir. Squeeze the pomegranate Chicci helping with a potato masher , add mineral water and enjoy this sweet drink. The properties of the pomegranate are countless: it is a powerful anti-aging, is rich is minerals, has a strong anti-tumor power, protects the liver and promoting detoxification.

Results obtained using the aqua detox

Detox water, if taken regularly, helps to deflate, speed up metabolism, providing the right amount of water and can help in the treatment of colds and flu. The flavor of these drinks is very nice, they do not require sugar, in the case where the vegetables jumping off the too bitter taste, add half a tablespoon of honey. Do not forget to drink the first glass of the day just awake, do not eat breakfast, so the body will immediately begin to “work”