Different Styles of Panties

From nearly invisible to those that cover everything back and more, the panties come in different models, colors, textures and materials. Any occasion special, luxurious and elegant. There are nights of passion with provocative details. There are panties for pregnant women with varying degrees of support. There are them, of course, to use every day, while doing sports, while you work in the office and while you work at home.

Different Styles of Panties

As in the case of the Bras, the options are many. Beyond the material, design or activity for you use them, the panties are basically classified by the level of coverage offered to your back. We invite you to know them in descending order, from the most covered to virtually nothing.

• Control panties

The control panties part of shaping lingerie section. It’s panties with high waist and leg (the hollow where you spend your legs) at the level of the crotch. They provide full coverage on your back and usually used as a piece for modeling, lifting buttocks, squeezing belly. Its use in the lingerie for pregnant women is mainly to support and relieve the weight of the growing tummy waist.

• Panty style “brief”

Elegantly you can call them “brief”, but they are internationally known as the “Granny panties” as http://www.bestaah.com/c/maternity-bra-and-panty-sets/. This type of panties has absolutely nothing wrong, in fact are very comfortable. They provide broad coverage of the buttocks even though to a lesser extent than the control panties and you can find them in two classes according to their leg opening. On the one hand we have the panties “brief” cut or dug high, where the opening to put the legs rises up to he hip. On the other hand we have the classic “brief” panties with a dug deep but slightly less equal coverage of buttocks.

• Panties to the hip

You can also find them under the names “hip hugger” or “hipsters” and, as its name implies, it’s panties from low shot which are set at the level of the hip. The elastic of the garment is around the band, so the fit is perfect. Ideal for use with waist pants low. In this case you can find two styles. On the one hand the classic hipster with good coverage of the buttocks, and on the other hand, the style “cheeky” that combines the nakedness of the buttocks of a
G String with the convenience of the band at the hip.

• Bikini

Without a doubt, the number one inevitable in the lingerie drawer of every woman. The bikini has the perfect balance between part of the buttocks and cut sexy but comfortable coverage. It sits at the level of the hips and has a level of dug half.

• Panties style short

It is the female version of the boxer shorts of the boys. Believe it or not, it is one of the favorite styles see that perfectly combines sweetness and sensuality, besides that it’s a very comfortable style of bras to women by men.

• Thong

Coverage begins to decrease gradually and styles are most revealing. The thong is a favorite as it just shows under clothes. The dug is pretty deep. The Shorty sides made increasingly thin. This style offers scant coverage, but it is one of the most comfortable.

• Panty G String style

If the thong offers scant coverage, because imagine what covers this “thread dental”. The ideal style for hat nothing, absolutely nothing, noticeable under clothing. Opinions are divided as to the G String style. Many women love the model to the comfort that flange them poor rear cover, when at the same time, many complain of discomfort produced by a tape so hin on the back side.

• Style C String panty

So you thought that more fabric there was no to cut? Did you think there was nothing smaller than the G String? Error. Somehow have managed to create a “panty” which covers only the essential. Its name describes it perfectly. It is a part of super flexible material in the form of C, covered with soft fabric that is placed from the front to the buttocks.

Almost as if by magic, this C-shaped frame is firm but somehow comfortably between the legs and the buttocks, leaving free the waist and hip. If you dare to use them, I assure you that there will be no line that since, in fact, there is no noticeable under your clothes.