Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Early February, four new eye shadow Quint at Dior were launched that are aligned to the “New Look” and the matching clothes and colors. One of them, “Royal Kaki”, gotcha → already presented and then had me have a different color scheme well fallen now was allowed to move in with me.

“Raw silk” is described as follows by Dior:
“Also this hue belongs since 1947 Dior range; He is used as a white, Brown or beige variation depending on the collection. So he presented Brown nuance in 1951 as “Terre de France” more natural than ever. As a component of the 5 Couleurs range, it appears the look in a soft light. “Shades accompanying warm accentuate its flawless beauty.”

I’m already so somehow a little Brown and nude victims, so I already have some pallets in these shades, but Dior continually impresses me with the quality of the individual eye shadow. Butter-soft texture meets wonderful color output – so how it always should be. Of course has the whole its price, but who is not a Beautyblogger and opt only for a range and is so that even what would like to treat, can but actually quite like to do.

And so you know what’s in this range to her do have, there is now a small review.

The packaging:
The range is as usual is in a blue, shiny cardboard box with lettering in English and French, the large CD logo and and and. The range itself is located in a dark blue velvet pouch, the the range fingerprint-free (at least until you take out the palette) and scratch-protected. And the piece itself is decorated in dark blue with silver applications. Nothing special – just like always. 🙂 Inside is a mirror and there are two Schaumapplikatoren.

The content:
6 g with an official shelf life of 6 months are included.
The price is about €54,-(→ Douglas online, currently not available). At Parfumdreams you get it cheaper (→ here €45,95)!

Ingredients according to packaging:

The product:
The range includes five co-ordinated colours, these are all up on the dark brown tone (bottom left) more shimmering. Nice here is that the colors were chosen so that a base tone (middle) and a highlighter (top right) are. So, you can use the range for a full makeup and must not rely on other products. So perfect for on the go!

The eyeshadow have, as also in “Royal khaki” a wonderfully buttery texture. It is very tender and has a great color output, so that it requires very little product.
Also in this range of funny way is so that the sound links below which is rather dull, may need a base, because he is easily spotted. Since I am but either way work with base, which is not bad for me.

The colors are:
– warm beige with gold shimmer (top left)
– Matt, smoky Brown with light ash impact (bottom left)
– bright, silvery shimmering beige (Center)
– creamy white with silvery white shimmer (top right)
– silver shimmer medium grey (bottom right)

On the back of the hand, without base, applied with the fingers.

Top in artificial light (left, without Flash, right with Flash)
Down in daylight (left, without Flash, right with Flash)

In the swatches, you can see quite well, that the medium tone and the right above bright. However, they are different. I can imagine the Middle sound very good as a base color, while the tone right above as highlighter is great. The three other colours can be combined with each other nicely.

My conclusion:
As already with the “Royal Kaki” palette, I’m also thrilled.”Raw silk” is of course clearly neutral and somewhat for “Purists” who like to of course, but while yet little hugging like it. You can make-up both subtle and powerful evening looks so – thus the range is not only the very convincing (texture and color output top!), but also versatile, which makes it a range of everyday life (in contrast to “Royal Kaki”, which is what more for color lovers).

I need make-up makeup still so, that will follow in the next few days.