Driller Autofocus? Toshiba’s New Technology Will Hit the Spot Every Time

Toshiba has announced that they are working on a mobile phone camera, which enables you to refocus your mobile photos

Since Lytro introduced their light field camera two years ago, a revolutionary technology where cameras record images where focus can be changed after the picture is taken.

A number of mobile manufacturers have since worked hard on, to use the same technology in their phones. Nokia has been close, but gave up and tried Lytromodellen instead with multi recordings and software processing.

Now, however, it looks likely that Toshiba has come close to crack the nut. Instead of the elongated body, which Lytro uses, Toshiba decided to use two lenses and a processor that is set aside for the purpose. It allows URf.eks. a macro recording, after which they can switch focus to the background.

It thus also provides the opportunity to deal with his images after following, then unwanted annoying objects will be made blurred, and thus do not attract undue attention in the image.

If Toshiba promises hold true, so can the new technologies find their way into one or more smartphones already within the next year or so. Toshiba is expected to present their new camera, which goes under the name ‘TCM9518MD’ fairly usexede in connection with the CES 2014.