ECO Design Directive Lighting

It is governed as all kinds of in the EU. Not only length and form factor of cucumbers about, but also the environmentally friendly design of products. Energy-related products, to be exact. For this, the European Commission has adopted the so-called eco-design directive (also ErP-RL), with which the aim is to promote efficient products and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The directive is applicable since October 2009, after different levels come into force. So also this year. With the details, consumers need not to strain at the moment. Many provisions concerning manufacturers, importers,

distributors and suppliers of manufacturers, to on the basis of so-called “implementing measures” and concrete efficiency limits get a guide, which, please note, bring their products to market.

The Office equipment can be like PCs, printers and monitors, but also household appliances or consumer electronics as as TV-and even lamps, or bulbs and lights. For us consumers (how I hate that Word) so changes first and foremost “only” the offer from which we may choose. Disposal in the domestic waste is also passé, but to do this we have produced a separate entry here .

It is crucial: the classic clear 100 Watt, 75 Watt and now since early September 2011 the 60 watt bulb may no longer be placed on the trade. Also, clear high-voltage halogen lamps with 60 or more Watts (energy efficiency class D, E, F and G) have lost their sales jobs. And even not clear incandescent lamps will be more available in a year.

But what is you best instead? Now, there can be no single answer. I am personally delighted by LEDs. The savings potential is enormous and they contain no mercury. They can also all other opportunities far behind when it comes to longevity. And: you look good.

Some friends of mine use specifically for the workspace of halogen lamps, which are allegedly good and long to endure with the corresponding daylight filters. The cold light makes some nothing at all, we must not forget just that each one tiny little differently perceive. And tastes are different as we know. Since then another compact fluorescent lamps, which are also getting better, what’s the startup behavior and the light color would be also.

I have still some ancient compact fluorescent lamps of this category in use, however terribly long, for some need, until they reach their brightness. May not replace but, because they are not so broken and contain just mercury, which at that time at the time of purchase was not clear me, I confess. They run and run and run, I just screwed it extra in lamps, which burn, so that it is profitable and not overly fast break.

Has so far worked as well. However, everything now blesses the temporal, is replaced by LEDs.