Embossed Dress: Tips To Hit The Combinations

The printed dress is nothing new in the wardrobe of the Brazilian, but the piece still raises doubts at the time of production about the length and combinations possible.

Whether in the tropical version, which was a summer success, in the classic chevron print, or in the near-winter pied-de-poule, the printed dresses are democratic in the matter of the season, but not so much in the matter of body types.

“More mature women or thick thighs look better with dresses that cover the knee a bit. Who is overweight, or wants to look slimmer, has to care that the size of the print may give the impression that the person is larger. The chubby ones can leave on display lean body parts, such as the ankle, “says image consultant and personal shopper at Iguatemi SP and JK Iguatemi Shopping Alexandre Taleb.

But according to the consultant, the print leaves the look cheerful and the moment to invest in them – and in the mix of them – is now!

How To Combine?

The basic tip of Alexander Taleb to use the trend of blending prints is to look for different prints, but with the same colors. For example, if the dress print is blue and white, look for an element in the look – which could be a coat, a clutch, a shoe, etc. – that also has these two colors.

If the print is very flashy, with embroidery, by the style of the dress model, it is best to look for accessories such as bags, shoes, smooth coats. “Better if the color of these accessories is one of the gifts in the dress,” says Alexandre. For example, that dress printed in blue and white would be well accompanied by a blue bag or a white shoe.

The good news is that the printed dress you buy in the summer can be worn in winter and vice versa. According to Taleb, printed dresses remain super fashionable for winter, as they can be worn with coats.

The printed dresses are already on the streets and in the windows. For some stores, superestamps are already trademarked, other more formal stores have classic options for more conservative women. In the gallery below you can find pieces of different styles and lengths: