Everything A Matter Of Time: The Right Watch For Every Occasion

From the commodity to the fashion item: Wrist watches are not only practical timepieces, but also elegant accessories.

With the matching watch an outfit is upgraded in a stylish way-whether in everyday life, in the job or even for a special occasion. We will present the latest clock trends of the season and give you an overview of the latest trends in watchmaking.

Find The Right Watch For Every Living Situation

Modern ladies’ watches are now much more than timepieces-they must fulfill their function, above all, but also meet the highest fashion demands. In the area of ​​women’s watches, functionality meets elegance, high-quality materials in a refined design. For both the leisure and business sectors, a watch is the perfect accessory that completes a look according to the watch model modern and sporty, timelessly classic or feminine and elegant.

There are watches that fit perfectly to casual casual outfits with jeans and sneakers, others look good at serious job gowns such as costume or pants suit, and others give chic evening looks even more refinement. We introduce the latest clock trends and reveal what they are best suited to.

Close To The Pulse Of Time: The Trends In Women’s Watches

Masculine-looking chronographs, delicate-slim ladies’ watches with a charming bracelet and subtle dial or sporty diving watches: classics like these always work on the wrist, of course.

At the moment, however, wristwatches that attract attention with particular details, such as striking bracelets and/or dials, are particularly popular.

Here Are The Current Women’s Watch Trends:

Dials, studded with rhinestones or glittering stones

Leather bracelets with exotic animal embossing or patterning

Soft pastel tones, but also bright colors

Futuristic metallic luster

Sporty ribbons or textile bracelets, often in colored block stripe optics

Wrap bracelets that are wrapped around the wrist

Timeless watch classics with leather strap get a facelift thanks to bright colors or unusual bracelet materials. Elegant, narrow watches look modern with a special design of the dial.

What Watch For Leisure Time?

For everyday life, casual, versatile watch models are the ideal choice. Bracelets of leather are just as popular here as those made of plastic or textile, because they are particularly comfortable and can be easily integrated into different outfits.Silicone bracelets are also becoming increasingly popular in the area of ​​leisure time watches and offer a modern alternative to the leather bracelet in many cool color variants.

If you pay attention to the water density when you buy watches, the clock is all the more flexible in your day-to-day life: Splash-proof watches usually have a water density of around 3 bar, diving watches up to 20 bar. Watches with a density above 10 bar are suitable for swimming and can be done without problems Also be worn when bathing or showering.

What Watch At Sport?

A durable, watertight watch model is ideal for those who want to keep an eye on the sport.The watches are most hygienic with silicone or plastic bracelet. They can be washed off after the workout-or simply come directly into the shower.

In order to avoid unpleasant movement during movement, especially sports watches should sit tightly on the wrist without cutting. Stretchy bracelets are extremely practical and can be easily pulled on and off thanks to elastic or elastic elements. For the extra motivation kicks are bright colors or cool metallic effects.

What Watch For The Job?

In the job, with regard to the clock selection: Less is more! Classic, discreet watchmaking models are the perfect match for serious business looks. Bracelets of leather, stainless steel or other metals are most suitable. Covered colors like black, anthracite, dark blue, brown, beige or gray can be combined perfectly and round the appearance solidly. Too big, conspicuous watches are in the job rather out of place.

What Watch For Celebrations?

For an elegant evening event or a solemn occasion, feminine, elegant watch models that emphasize the wrist are a good choice.Expressive leather or textiles bracelets are just as fond of elegant looks as shimmering stainless steel or metal bracelets with gold, rose gold or silver luster. Narrow bracelets look graceful and eye-catching dials, decorated with jewelery or matching the outfit, make the glamor look perfect.

Watches are far more than useful everyday companions! Whether discreet and timeless or trendy and really striking: Have you found your favorite watch already?