Eye Scanner to Laptop Ready Within a Year

Forget about the hassle of passwords or fingerprint readers. Within a year’s time, you can look at your computer to unlock it.

It has finally come so far that the scenes from the futuristic film, where access to the underground military installations, top secret laboratories and megacomputere with ambitions of world domination, could only be done by means of eye identification, now has become a generally accepted fact, thanks to the company Eyelock.

It is for the company behind the program Eyelock ID, which for some time has been reserved for the above group, however, with excess weight within Government and airport segment. Now, however, come so far, that have been crammed down in the technology a laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T530.

Your computer’s built-in camera and two IR emitters, must use under one second to decide, and it also is the right owner, which sits in front of the screen. In contrast to the fingerprint reader, which has about 20 identification points that relate to, so has the human iris over 240. You can achieve both higher safety and accuracy via the eye scanner.

CNET was in place since Eyelock ID was demonstrated, and have been kind enough to put a video on Youtube.