It took a bit and I know that I have long promised, but after extensive testing, I can show my favorite eyeshadow bases now also finally conscientious.

MAC Prep + Prime eye
€17 for 5 g (→ Douglas)
available in “Light”, “Medium” and “Medium Dark”
Long time been my absolute favorite, now there is another, but this base is not to be sniffed at. Just the fact that there are also different shades of color for almost any skin color, makes them an attractive companions during this round.

As you can see I used it really like to… I’m even quite like the crucible. It takes out the base with your fingers and is also directly so they.
Of course you can take also a brush, but by body heat melts the product on the eyelid and is class to apply.
The base is creamy, is on the eyelid but rather powdery.

After a few hours she puts off but unfortunately in the crease. This is not ideal, but who wants to wear makeup all day, can confidently access to this base. She loose last a night. Stick the eye shadow as a whole lot better and also their durability increased tremendously.

Benefit – stay don’t stray
‘Shadows ‘stay put’ – concealers “stay don’t stray”‘
25,-€ for 10 ml (→ Douglas ))
Basically, I’m really not a fan of benefit. I like Coralista and it was then actually already, but this primer is also quite good.

What bothers me here is the dosage.
The pump head is only something stronger pressure to and you’ve got way too much product on your hand of course.
The base is very economical, you need really little and comes out very well.
I wear on only (I try again and again to push, so that very little comes out only very slightly!) on the back of the hand a pump squeeze action and only then go lid with a little product on it.

It is unfortunately a little too dark for me colour. It is a pity that benefit has never actually colors for lighter types, but since it carries the base under makeup, it’s hardly noticeable.

You can “stay don’t stray” also use the concealer. For me because of the color, absolutely impossible, I look then like a zombie, if it gets so dark, but fact – I have tried of course just it – it’s also really well under the concealer is. So here. If it is slightly darker than I.

As far as durability, this base is clearly better than “Prep + Prime” by MAC. No slides in the crease and hence no funny-looking eye makeup. Theoretically, you can wear these primers individually as nice paving the eyelid.

Urban decay primer potions
“natural” & “SIN”
€19.99 per 10 ml
available in “natural” and “SIN” (→ Shades of pink)

These two bases are probably the most famous in the Beautybloggerwelt by far.
Unfortunately also known for the sneaky vials, which likes to say, it would be empty, although there’s a lot in there. Luckily you can change that then got by to take apart the vial and stored the rest somewhere else.But that’s a different story and I now don’t tell the time…

I could not really decide what I should take, therefore there have become simply equal to both with me.
This is quite handy, because you can use “SIN” quasi just individually, as a “Cream eyeshadow”.

Both must be obtained with a “Lipglossapplikator”. I turn off the color always on my back and carry on then with your fingers. It fits exactly the amount, you have not too much and not too little then.

“Natural” (as I call them now just, it is anything but) is skin colors, but then is when applying transparent and is therefore a perfect base for any eye shadow. There is also this base on the lid slightly powdery. “SIN” is slightly creamy, dries quickly.

“SIN”, however, is golden and shimmering. Hence the great way to apply the product as eye shadow.
Matte eyeshadow on “SIN” can be sometimes shimmering. This does not always, is also by the texture and opacity of the eyeshadow depending on.

Both bases put off not in the crease and provide optimal support for every eye makeup.

MAC paint pots
“Painterly” & “Bare Study”
€19.50 for 5 g
available in “Bare Study”, “Rubenesque”, “Indianwood”, “Constructivist”, including “painterly”, “Blackground” (→ Douglas)
Two different colors and finishes. The Paint Pots from MAC are available in many colours . With matte and shiny finishes. Depending on the texture, they are suitable for the job with your fingers or a brush. These two super to apply with your fingers and are can be used at any time, on the go.
The Paint Pots are a bit like the “pot Rouges” by Bobbi Brown (this only for cheeks and lips), which are also a combination product. Can be used lid, as both a base eyeshadow it’s, but also – at the colored – Rouge or lip color.

The paint pots, but especially “painterly”, are my favorites as eyeshadow base. Similar to “Prep + Prime” are both pleasantly creamy. “Painterly” is very slightly powdery on the lid, also in contrast to “bare study” has a matte finish. “Bare study” remains rather creamy, but pretty quickly dries and shines. Also this base can be super individually as eye shadow. “Painterly” also, just for nude-make-ups a class color.

The durability of the eye make-up looks improved strongly by paint pots as base and slipping the eye shadow in the crease. So a super product. And at this point my absolute Favorites, which I recommend with a clear conscience and happy.

What are your favorite eyeshadow bases?
The Artdeco-base is not here yes eg, I unfortunately don’t own it. As well as that of Manhattan.
You ever use a base before you carry on your eyeshadow?