Facebook Announces Look for Pages of Companies and Brands

Restricted to users individual to date, the new look of Facebook with the timeline of waywill soon also reach for companies and brands that use the services of the largest social network in the world to spread its values and products. The promise was old and until the end of March all pages of companies will be with the visual timeline.

The move was expected by some and feared by others. Among the attributes of the timeline is the cover image, which occupies prime area and will serve to companies “creative” position themselves cool images, according to information from Facebook. From the same place the page administrator responds comments and add new posts, which tends to make the commitment in further social network.

There are those who use Facebook only to communicate with the fans of the brand. And companies have with the clear objective of promoting sales from the social network. For these cases the Facebook provides tools for the company to create boxes that appear in the timeline as if they were widgets promoting products. The social network did not give details on the operation of the tool.

Another that should appeal in full the companies that invest in social media concerns metrics. With the timeline  business page the administrator can check in real time the number of active users and communicating with the brand and the range of posts (whether paid or natural, no way advertising ), among other features.

The new timeline for companies inaugurates an area at the top of the page, accessible with one click, in which the administrator checks which publications are calling the attention of followers and more. Well anyway.

This is the Facebook opening the door for enterprises to derive the most out of social networking to talk to your audience. Good for the brand and good for the network, which increases its user base and thus can still sell more advertising.

On March 30, the timeline is mandatory for all pages of companies on Facebook.