Facebook Has its Version of Foursquare

It’s not that Facebook is still taking ideas created by others and implementing on the site itself, without any kind of credit, as if the idea Almighty Zuckerberg? The copy time is a new geographic location feature, presented on Wednesday by the company.

Facebook Places is a central in which the user to possess a mobile device -smartphone like the Xperia X10 or tablet like the iPad, say – you can enable the automatic sending of your location. That way, your friends will always know (or almost always) where it is, and can “like” the place in question.

In the video presented by Facebook, the company clarified that the check-in will not only be possible, as people who are close to the place where the user has just arrived will receive notifications. More or less as a warning that says, hey guy is 200 meters from here!

The goals of Facebook Places are basically three: tell your friends where you are; be aware of where your friends are; and discover cool places that you had never heard before.

In addition to the geographical location service, FB users can tagear photos with the names of people who are in the image and, from now on, with the place where the photo was taken. The structure of the updates containing people and a place will be “Eating a delicious steak – At Morumbi Shopping with Steve Jobs.”

Thinking about privacy, the company also reported that a person can not be required to have their location revealed. Say, in my supposed lunch with Steve Jobs in Morumbi, my good old Steve did not want his location is accessible. It can simply mark Not Now (Not now) in the iPhone 5 it. The information will not be published.

Meanwhile, the staff Foursquare calls legal.

Upgrade to 21h48 | During the launch of the service event, which takes place at this time, Foursquare was presented as a Facebook Places partner. By doing check-in on Foursquare, the user will have the option to post the information also on your Facebook profile. And the same dynamic holds true for Yelp.