Facebook is a Spy Machine, Says WikiLeaks Founder

In the case of espionage, the US is well served. They rely on the FBI, the CIA and several other specialized agencies in raising intelligence, whatever the suspect. But for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, the agencies would be using an easier route to get information. Assange said in an interview that the social network Mark Zuckerberg “is the most fearsome spy machine ever created”.

The interview was granted to website Russia Today and it Assange says that Google, Yahoo and other organizations that have social networks on the web have also created specific interfaces for intelligence agencies. This is because, according to Assange, such companies “give in to political and legal pressure” and also “would cost too much tosend several data to the agencies, so they have automated the system.” The full interview can be seen at this link.

The conspiracy theories worshipers probably already certain that Facebook opened its user database for the US government, facilitated data collection. But on the other hand, perhaps the Julian Assange has seen the report on the Facebook site The Onion and fallen like a duckling.