Fashion Blouses Women’s Autumn Years 2014-2015

When it’s cold, and around cold and uncomfortable, so you want to dress in something warm and soft, which is able to create comfort.

This, with ease, they may help long sweaters won the hearts of girls and women, as for comfort and practicality hidden beauty and unique style that can only be played thanks for knitwear.
Every year the world famous designers constantly producing new models and new shirts and pants, adding so popularity and demand sweaters.
And this season is no exception, fashion sweaters years 2014-2015 are incredibly elegant and modern vision, but at the same time, they don’t lost your primary function: heat up your possession under any circumstances. So, what we have prepared the fashion designers this year? Try to understand.

Bulky But Not Misshapen

Without doubt, the main trend this season will be free and bulky sweaters that have a number of advantages: cosy, comfortable and practical, but also with all of this, are able to correct poor form, they give volume where they are missing, but also hide additional visually pounds on the “speakers” places.
These models can be used with anything according to AnyBlouses, voluminous blouses perfectly with skinny jeans or elk, so the more feminine look, the belt can be associated with thin belt that visually highlight the waist line. More free templates are perfectly combined with skirts – fit and maxi model, but in recent collections are almost all blouses with skirts that have a length just above the knee.

Too full of girls better watch out with sweaters, because they can provide a figure more and which is not desirable in your case.
But the slender girl with great confidence can buy these models, which will add an additional figure of tenderness, just imagine how fragile look thin pen on the sleeveless blouses volume! Such models in a wide variety found in the latest collections from Calvin Klein Collection, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton.

Sweatshirts With Neck Sweaters And Bolero

Essential in the cold of winter was long crocheted sweaters for women with a high collar.Its high popularity due to the fact that such models can also protect from the cold and frost, in addition to turtlenecks could easily replace the handkerchief you always forget or can’t get the next gear.
What is bigger, better, paste these templates can give your image of femininity and attractiveness. If you want to achieve additional decorative effect, you should pay attention to models with a large package or relief on the collar.
Another hit of next season – Bolero sweater. Of course, such a model is almost practical, of intense cold, they are unlikely to protect, but, however, they are becoming increasingly popular among girls.
Articles of clothing as the primary, they’re not worth it, unless you want something a shiver, but in addition to, or as ornaments entire image-this option will suit perfectly.From a stylistic point of view, more appropriate and bolero high girls, and you can combine them with skinny jeans or skirts maxi-pipes.

Dresses, Blouses

Whatever the weather outside, the woman should always be a woman and what is the best to be feminine, no matter how beautiful and harmonious dress?
That’s why almost nobody fashion collection is complete without a dress, because it’s better than a sweater, able to warm up, but was able to emphasize the dignity of all forms. They can be used with thick nylon stockings, leggings and tights. Recent and kits that are a combination of dresses, blouses and cardigans.

Retro Is Always In Fashion

Popular semicircular shape the shoulders and sleeves, back in fashion. Strange notes the years 80, which are expressed in his shirt with epaulets and sleeves version able to provide the female image of mystery and glamour without precedent, especially when such models are combined with fur collars and shortened inserts.

As Prints, Colors And Fabrics

Autumn and winter sweaters this season to be held in soft colours, in a calm and warm colours. Here, for example, include nuts, chocolate, pale pink, Brown and beige tones, never stay away classics-black and white color has been on the international catwalks.

Especially popular have deep shades of green and blue. As for colors and prints, blouses with complex patterns and designs in ethnic style fashion world literally own. Remain current art abstract of the original and several animal prints, especially of Leopard. But we can’t do without diverse classics bar, alphabetic inscriptions and all applications are also in tendency.

As for fabrics, component this season designers prefer mohair, which is used both for the creation of coats and sweaters to dresses. The highlight of the season were combined model which combines wool, fine leather and suede. Not without skin, what is relevant, as the original applications, as well as practical and Rico Vorotnikov.

How To Choose The Perfect Shirt?

Dressing sets, even the jacket can look dull and clumsy, due to the fact that not all figures fit any model sweaters. For example, women with the figure of the “pear” doesn’t fit or elongated blouses too short.
Owners lush bust should opt for models with a v-neck, which emphasize the feminine dignity, and if your sides and stomach and have heated a few extra pounds, so this method otvlechete them an extra look. But gola so ladies don’t fit, they will look interesting, visually-fitting shape.
Those who have a fairly wide waist, adjust models that top tight, but extend to the bottom, i.e. the-template. But the petite girls can see Mount Cardigan, with a single key.When choosing a sweater should always pay attention to the quality of the tissue from which it is made. Best, of course, stop at jersey physics, because synthetics can irritate the skin.