Fashion: How To Use Women’s Cardigans

With the arrival of autumn, temperatures started to fall. Even here in Rio, where it’s very hot, we can already observe mild temperatures, as well as throughout Brazil.

With that, we begin to think about what clothes to wear in these colder days.. and a great option for these days are the cardigans.

Lately, the cardigans come taking care of women’s wardrobes for being a practical and comfortable option to protect from the cold and, depending on the model, can also be a great option to give a modern look and a dash of style to the look.

Therefore, separated here some tips on how to combine cardigans with other pieces of clothing. Let’s check it out?

(photos of mounts I made below were taken from the sites:; Forever 21 and Farm)


The cardigan paired with the skirt is a great option for those cooler days but that at the end of the afternoon beats that breeze and the temperature drops.

Even on colder days, you can combine the skirts with cardigans, just make use of a pantyhose to warm the pipes.


As the skirts, shorts are a great option for cooler days, dusk, always ends up falling temperature.
As I said above, for colder days, put a panty hose is also a good option.


This combination is a great option for those who want to set up a romantic look! Is there anything more cute than a cardigan with a cute dress and romantic accessories and vintages?

Now, for those who want the opposite, can also! Just opt for fairer dresses and accessories a little heavier (as you can see in the third photo below)


Nothing more comfortable than using a pair of destroyed or carrots along with a cardigan. The right choice for those who want comfort and style.


This combination is super feminine and can be used with any piece of clothing under the cardigan.Waist marked always gives that ‘ touch ‘ huh? (You can check many other options of how to match belts with cardigans and jackets in that post here!)

Cardigan+Scarf (Or Tissue)

Cooled? Throw a handkerchief or a scarf with a cardigan that is a sure bet to be lovely and warm!


Some days we want to escape the obvious huh?! Know a great option for that? Use a cardigan with a different texture: can be rent as Manas, yarn… anyway… There’s plenty of choice, take a look:

Cardigan+Maxi Length

Everyone knows the pieces MAXI will be super high this winter! The Maxi cardigans are a great choice to stay trendy and stylish, because they give a very modern air and stripped to the look!

Cardigan Closed+Blouse With Collar

Want another way to leave a little of the obvious? Choose a shirt collar and throw it over her cardigan closed: is sooo handsome!

There are many options to use a cardigan.

The idea is the same, take advantage of creativity and mount looks beautiful with them!

Which of these options that showed up were the tracks?