Fastfit Armband From Belkin – Take Your Music Anywhere

A practical protection against water, dirt, dust and scratches.

Mobile bracelet is a difficult useful iPhone accessories, for all who do not want to risk losing his iPhone while jogging, or trainer. Belkin armband for iPhone keeps your phone safe whilst you train. It is a simple and convenient protection for your iPhone 4 and your headphones.

FastFit armband for iPhone 4

FastFit armband for iPhone 4

The bracelet is made of a waterproof, washable and sweat-resistant material. It is quite easy to access to all the phone’s ports, buttons and functions. It is also openings for headphones, so that you can listen to your favorite music while you coach. FastFit bracelet is available in black color.

* Manufacturer: Belkin
* Model: iPhone sports bracelet
* Product: FastFit Armband from Belkin
* Compatibility: iPhone 4
* Waterproof, washable