Fenix ​​RC40 Flashlight

The new Fenix RC40 in the 2016 Edition will convince you with their enormous brightness, because with 6000 lumen light output and a maximum range of 730 meters you get a LED Flashlight superlative from Garyflashlights homepage. You may not be the brightest flashlight in the world but it is guaranteed to top the list.

You get the strongest flashlight unprecedented meets your needs and you can simply hold in your hand. The LED flashlight is solid and robust, because with its 1,234 grams it is no lightweight, but their performance designed accordingly. The performance takes strength and this refers to the super bright flashlight from a Li-Ion Battery Pack with 7.4V power and 7800 mAh.

Life of 50,000 hours

The light output of up to 6000 lumens at this new Fenix flashlight is enormous and therefore it is our brightest flashlight available. this is the first superlative. Even the round headlights Fenix RC40 – 2016 Edition, with a diameter of approximately 10.8 cm has exactly the size that will help there to have all the lights, where you really need it. This is the right equipment for your outdoor trip or when geocaching, because this lamp will really help you in any situation further.

With the high quality LED flashlight of Fenix you get quality in every detail, for example, the integrated charging and power bank function makes it easy to recharge the battery and continue to use the energy. For example, you can charge your smartphone back on the move again.

The long service life, the torch of today’s LED technology thanks to which has been replacing the traditional incandescent lamps in many areas, and the long battery life is only possible through this.

Comfortable handling despite size

Easy to use and good lying in your hand, you will be a valuable tool this good flashlight. The Fenix RC40 – 2016 Edition is really easy to use and two switches located on the lamp head, bring it on 6 different levels of the lamp.

To load the batteries you need this not be seen because the battery pack can remain in the air. A Low mode is available in the RC40 and can make your reading easier. The battery capacity is sufficient in this mode, then about 5 days continuously. These great values make the Fenix RC40 by far the best LED flashlight in Safe Light blog.