Fishing Black Bass-9 Questions And Answers

Black bass fishing seems to bring many fishermen on their heads. It is one of the species that generates the most questions, so today  we will try to answer them all in this article. So that you leave this page made an expert in the capture of black bass.

How to recognize a Black Bass?

Although it is a basic question, it is not enough to describe the species a little so that its morphology and habits do not take you by surprise.

Family: Centrarchidae native to North America and Invader in Spain.

Habitad: Fresh water (lagoons and lakes) except Sea Bass which is salt water.

Morphology: It is a petioform of spiny dorsal fins and flexible posterior fin, its body is compact, whose sides are compressed. It has a large and wide mouth and its view is excellent.

Color: Scaly green with dark spots along the body. The bottom on the other hand is a bit clearer.

Size: The adults typically measure between 30 cm and 50 cm.

Weight: Between 1 kg and 3 kg. The fishing record is 4 kg.

Where do you fish black bass?

Black bass is a freshwater fish, which, unlike trout (link to trout fishing), prefers shallow, warm waters, surrounded by thick vegetation. Black bass is a stealth predator. When hunting he likes to camouflage himself with the surroundings.This gives a very large clue to find them.

It is also a conquering species that has spread throughout Spain. If you want to find a good place to fish them near you, I invite you to review the following map:

What is the best time to fish for black bass?

We can find black bass at any time of year, conditions may be better or worse from the fisherman’s point of view. However, climate and water do alter the behavior of the species. Therefore we will be us who will adapt the fishing mode according to the season in order to succeed at any time.

Although for us there are 4 well-defined seasons, for the fish does not apply exactly. The black bass is adjusted according to the temperature, therefore, although our calendar marks spring, if the temperatures of the water are cold, the black bass will feel that it continues in stage of winter. However, there are certain general parameters that can help you to fish it according to the season.

How to fish black bass in spring

At the beginning of spring, the shores of the lakes are the first to warm up a little, it is then when the black bass come out of their winter lethargy and seek to warm up a bit. The expert fishermen, usually use, jigs or rapalas and try to a depth of 3 and 5 meters.

In the middle of spring, before spawning, the females will be chopping any lure as they are accumulating reserves, while the males are preparing to make the nest, so you can locate them in areas with natural barriers.

After spawning it will be harder to find them and you will need really tempting baits if you do not want to waste your time.

How to fish black bass in summer

Although black bass loves the summer temperatures and it is in this time whereyou can fish the largest specimens, the truth is that it takes experience and patience, because the competition is hard.

Black bass gets very easy food and although it eats voraciously, since its metabolism accelerates in summer, it does not always want to chop what we offer.He will be suspicious of anything suspicious, so a bait similar to his regular food is appropriate. And when it bites, do not wait a second. Remove it as soon as possible.

How to fish black bass in autumn

The beginning of autumn is a very difficult stage for the fisherman and usually no one ventures to look for them at this time, because with the sudden cooling of the waters and after having choked food in summer, black bass retires satisfied.

However as autumn progresses, certain changes in temperature cause black bass to activate in some areas. You can locate them near the roots of submerged trees, and even branches or fallen logs, the wood gives you some warmth and the black bass takes advantage to stock up for winter food.

How to fish black bass in winter

Although it is the stage of lethargy, it does not mean that it is a bad time to fish black bass, it is certainly difficult to find them, but if you do, you can be sure that everyone in the area is gathered nearby as they sink to areas Deeper in search of heat.

You can locate them more easily with the help of a probe. When trying them it is vital to be patient since black bass devotes very little energy to hunting. It’s a good time to catch black bass with a spoon.

What is the best fishing rod for black bass?

The best rods for fishing black bass are spinning, since spinning is the most appropriate technique for this specimen. Usually a cane that measures between 140 cm and 270 cm is perfect. Now the range of action we recommend is quite broad as the black bass are fighters and their sizes varied in the same area.

In PescaCosmar we rely on the Yuki Multipla Pro Spinning Cane, has a size of 210 cm is very comfortable, ergonomic and light, its range of action is also very broad, ranges from 30 to 150 grams. Its tip is very sensitive ideal so that we know immediately of the bite of the black bass.

What are the best reels for black bass fishing?

As we have said, black bass are fighters, so even though they are not very heavy they generate some weight in the collection, although you do not need an extremely powerful reel, we recommend that you choose a spinning reel of medium power and very light. From FishingCosmar we advocate for the Sakura Siryx 2008 FD7 reel, a great surprise of the brand, which presents incredible features, such as infinite millimetric braking, reducing its weight in resistant materials and its high precision and reach of the sets. It also comes with an extra coil at a price that is way below its quality.

What is the best line for black bass?

One of the key points for black bass fishing is the line or line. If you choose well the day will be pleasant, if you choose poorly you can live a nightmare of entanglements, bass losses and lures. That does not mean that you spend all your money on the most expensive threads, but you know how to choose the right one.Firstly the essential thing when fishing black bass is to go unnoticed, therefore the invisible threads are the most recommended, second you must use a rigid thread to better notice the bites, finally the measurement should oscillatebetween 0.18 and 0.25 mm preferably not so fine because with the fight you can break the line. In PescaCosmar we recommend the fluorocarbon threads, maybe they are more expensive than the others, but in the long run you will see that you save more for their great quality.

How to set up fishing gear for black bass?

This is a careful fish, very stealthy and voracious, to tempt you have to adapt to your routine, which varies greatly from season to season. Therefore our gear will be very different depending on when we look for them. Now, what we can contribute in general, is that it is not worth using several baits or several points with bait, because black bass do not swim in crowded groups, you must also remove them very quickly hardly notice a sting.

Your black bass gear should be very simple, avoiding unnecessary knots, pearls or emerillos, with very good bait or vinyl is enough, letting it cause a natural movement.

With what to catch black bass, what are the best baits or baits?

Black bass is a voracious species that does not disgust anything unless it looks very suspicious. During spring and summer you can use everything , if you use vinyl, jigs and rappels, try to be shallow, neither too big nor too flashy. In autumn, live baits or realistic vinyls will come better since they will be preparing for winter and will want to stock up on good food. In winter it is necessary to emphasize and to use baits or lures that sink well and look attractive, of which the spoons are very used in this time.

How to fish black bass with a spoon?

Something that works very well with black bass is the teaspoon, especiallythose that have a scaled color similar to that of a real fish, also are very effective those that revolve around the hook without any lock, since the vibrations that it exerts under the water Attract distant predators. Do not worry too much about size as black bass can sting even much larger dams than their own heads.

We leave you a video at with several models very effective for fishing black bass.

We hope that we have been able to clarify all your doubts, if you have any other question, you can leave it in the comment box. Greetings and good fishing!