Fishing In The Amazon

Fishermen friends of Sentilapesca: I pass to comment as it was fishing. In the first week of November we started heading to the Amazon for a journey of 7 days of fishing in the Juma River with a group of Argentine fishermen in a trip organized by an operator “Born to fish”.

The star of the fishing, the fish most searched, is the tucunaré (*) , in their various species ACU, PACA, PACA-ACU, POPOCA. Also in this area is Arawanas, Piranha Pretta, needles, Pirarucu/Arapaima, and others more.

Fishing started well early… after a good full breakfast catch-as always-with artificial (lure). At noon returned to the Inn, almuerzamos with a previous bite, soft drinks and to start the fishing day again until sunset.

For fishing for tucunare, following lures were used: zaras/strollers, Stick, half water, jigs, such as zig zara-magic stick of Nelson Nakamura, Inna of Marine Sport, Imakatzu Trairão, etc. Fast action rods of 20 to 25 lbs., 5.6-6.6 feet, with low profile Rotary reel used.

The day is done in aluminum boats equipped with electric motor for two anglers per boat, on rivers, streams and lakes. Per day may be getting a large number of while, on several occasions by boat exceeded the 30 / 50 while 8 / 9 / 10 kg! unstoppable, they burst us multifilaments of 50 lbs, and even folding hooks reinforced… This was a theme in common at the Inn, no one could believe the power of these big while.

It was also a day of fishing in search of species of leather, Pirararas (red-tailed catfish), painted and minor species.

Amazonian frame is impressive, being fishing and while watching monkeys jumping from tree to tree and alligators, toucans, eiIncreibles Dolphin (boto) jumping everywhere and gave us a show hunting the mojarras flush with water. No doubt a paradise for sport fishing.

A big highlight is the Group of fishermen, excellent people that allowed you to make a very nice trip among friends.

Enjoy fishing, greetings.