Flipboard and Feedly Gain New Features to Win Over Users of Google Reader

Two well-known news aggregators released this week updated versions of its services. The new generation of Flipboard is based on the idea that everyone can be not only readers but also editors: now you can create and publish your own magazine. In addition, Feedly announced today a series of small (but useful) changes in the web interface, taking advantage of the great timing.

Flipboard 2.0, to the moment available only for iOS (the updated version for Android coming soon), continues with the same beautiful interface ever, but is more like a social network.

Imagine that you like much of a particular subject and read a lot about it in the Flipboard. Now, you can include articles, news, videos and more interesting audio clips in your own magazine: just tap the + button, give a name for the magazine and publish it. Flipboard will take care to do all the layout and generate a legal cover.

You can set your journal as private or public. If set to public, all users of Flipboard will find it and sign it to receive news automatically in the future. In addition, you can enjoy content or make a comment.

The new feature Flipboard closely resembles the defunct mini social network that Google Reader had a few years ago – it was possible to share news (within the service itself) and see what your friends were reading good. That was pretty cool. Too bad Google removed the functionality to promote Google+.

In Feedly, perhaps the best free alternative to Google Reader, ten news. The interface has improvements to increase the contrast between read and unread items; gives to easily sort the feeds in alphabetical order; You can save items more quickly, as in Google Reader; the list of articles is denser and cleaner interface; the algorithm that selects the best articles has been enhanced; there is better integration with LinkedIn; and memory consumption has been reduced.

Who uses Firefox is finally getting the version 14 of Feedly and gaining all the features that users Chrome received in the last 12 months. The development of Feedly for Firefox was stagnant for some time, but they promise that from now on will release versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari at the same time.

If you use Chrome, you’ve probably noticed the news of Feedly. Users of Firefox and Safari will need to make a manual update.