Furniture Storage Ideas

Storage, Storage Box, Self-Storage: As Many Terms to Describe a Very Practical Solution for Storage of Furniture. During a Move, a Long Stay Abroad, or When Our Apartment or Our Studio Cannot Accommodate All of Our Furniture, This Solution Is Ideal, and More Appreciated. The Point On a Convenient Practice that Has the Wind In Poupe.Publi

The approaching summer, you will take the opportunity to move and get closer to your work, unfortunately your new home will be smaller. But you might just want to do the void and to purify your home a little. Whatever it is, spring cleaning is a must!

However, you do not want to separate you definitely of this small piece of mottled flea, this Dresser that you left your grandmother or the back table of your last trip. The solution: the self-storage, or storage! You can store your boxes and furniture as long as you need.

How does it work? Quite simply, you start by choosing the type of storage box that fits your needs, you drop all your stuff, and you can access it whenever you want. Your goods are stored safely.

Some Storage Tailored to Each

Depending on whether you live in a studio or in a big house, your needs are obviously not the same. That’s why you have the possibility to choose among different sizes of storage boxes. At HOMEBOX, for example, the leader on the market of the guard unit, the sizes of the boxes range from 2 m2 (‘mini’), ideal to store the furniture of a studio, to more than 12 m2 (‘max’), suitable for the storage of bulky furniture.

The prices are of course proportional to the size of the selected box, but they also vary based on availability, of the city concerned, as well as the location of the box in the storage Center, as it is for example on the floor or at the entrance. Count at least €60 per month in Ile-de-France, and €35 in other cities for a ‘mini’ at HOMEBOX box, and from €250 per month for a “maxi” (€180 for the province). These rates include the global nature of the service, namely that no additional cost is applied to the closing of the box, that there is no application fee and that free trolleys are available to customers.

Present in the France, HOMEBOX has self-storage centers in more than 70 cities. More need kilometres to get their hands on an urgent document forgotten at the bottom of the drawer of the buffet, or to come and admire his furniture apothecary to the charm so authentic, but so bulky…

Your furniture safe and secure, you can move and move in peace of mind, or go to the other end of the world as long as you want. You are sure to find them intact, and to be able to reuse them whenever you want.