Gadgets For Runner: Essential Accessories

While it is true that running is a “cheap” sport, new technologies, the need to control all the parameters of the workouts and many times the “I postureo” runner, have facilitated numerous brands to take market all kinds of accessories, gadgets and clothing (useful but sometimes excessive) adapted to the needs of an ever more demanding public.

As there are plenty of gadgets, let us help you with a small sample that you can find your nearest Decathlon store or on the web:

  • Smart Watches and bracelets of activity

Long ago if you wanted to know the speed at which you were running needed a sensor placed in the laces of your shoes weighing what today can weigh a flying shoe. Today you can find authentic computers of doll that you measure from the Cadence of your stride up to the time of contact with the ground and the heave in your body, as it is the case with the Garmin Forerunner 620, the TomTom Multisport or Polar M400 on

Modern bracelets of activity already do not have just the steps, they also analyze your sleep cycle, integrated GPS systems that controls all the parameters of your career and you can even pair it with your mobile phone to receive encouragement in direct or know whether some important email has come to you. Brands and models, you have all that you want, we remain with the Garmin Watch Vivofit 2 , the clock is of Fitbit, Polar wrist Loop and our favorite, the most comprehensive watch from Garmin, the Vivoactive.

  • Heart rate monitors

The world of the heart rate monitor has also evolved. Most connections with encrypted, i.e., no longer is produced interference between devices and others, and the form of data transmission has also changed with Bluetooth or ANT + systems. You can find everything from economic monitor of quality such as the Geonaute OnRythm 310, the range of Polar and even the TomTom Multisport CardioGPS, which measured you heart rate without the need for external transmitters, thanks to its sensor located on the wrist. Thanks to advances in textile, you can also find t-shirts and Sports Bras with the transmitter already included, so awkward bands no longer oppress you chest.

  • Technical fabrics

Gone are mesh lycra and cotton t-shirts. The compressive garments are on the rise, who has not seen runners with compression socks or t-shirts so tight that leave guess musculature that is under? Meshes, t-shirts, leggings and tights are now designed to help you improve your performance and slow down the effects of fatigue.

  • Night running

See and be seen is the maximum during workouts or races at night. Besides reflecting elements located strategically in the footwear and screens now there are t-shirts, windbreaker jackets or sweatshirts specific for running at night. If you want to see the land where you step, in any store Decathlon can find the Run Light. With 250 lumens, this light is placed a harness on his chest, so that the road remains lit even if you turn your head. Cars will see you through red lights flashing in the back area.

  • Sport earphones and mp3 players

It is a reality, now there are headphones that do not fall. You have a lot of possibilities: from the headphone type headband, the that they embrace each ear or as the SHQ1305 model of Philips, which conform to the auditory Pavilion so that they resist in your ears despite the pulls. The world of mp3 players has also evolved, and can find a great variety of devices resistant to sweat and moisture, with greater autonomy and reduced size.

  • Applications

Of all the applications that you can find, we are left with the Decathlon Coach for Android and Iphone. This app measures speed, distance, set the indicators you want to see on each screen and also adding a sensor for heart rate monitors also you can get heart rate data. Your family and friends know where you are at any time thanks to a protected web page that indicates your position on a map.

For adventurers, we highlight the Decathlon Sport Meetingapp. This platform is the sports community where anyone can find people to do sport, share their experiences, and enjoy more than 30 sports easily and free.

And you, are a technology corridor? Without which accessory not could you go out to run?