Garmin Will Be Integrated in Your Car

“About 500 meters, keep to the right”, a phrase Garmin devices are used to say, now they must learn more advanced things and show it on the windshield.

Owners of BMW and Audi will probably be able to recognize the “SKIN” or Head-Up Displays, a safety Assistant system that displays speed, collision warning and navigation on the car’s windshield while driving.

Garmin has presented concept products at CES trade show for manufacturers, not consumers. But in the end, however, it is something we consumers can benefit, because Garmin’s SKIN should be integrated so you with buttons on the steering wheel controls the navigation, traffic information, make calls and so on.

SKIN may seem like a gimmick, but runs with 100 km per hour and you’re looking at the speedometer when you actually seen to run 25meter in the dark.