Germicidal Screen on the Way

So was the bactericidal screen to your smartphone a reality.

As earlier told here on the site, so check it on average his cell 150 times a day. With such a drastic numbers, then there is also the probability that you might have it in your hand in connection with using the toilet, the ingestion of food or just other spots where you can get a little dirt up under the fingernails.

This means that your mobile is a potential ticking time bomb, and bacteria very easily can be a source of annoyance as abdominal infections and other bacterial-related results.

This seems firm Corning now to have rectified. With their latest invention, the bactericidal glass, they claim that could kill up to 99.9% of bacteria you lubricates out on your screen during the day.

It may be the effect of that glass is made up of ionic silver. Exactly the same as you use to combat højresistente bacteria in wound dressings and in water tanks, as well as other spots where they can develop. The news was presented at today’s CES trade show in Las Vegas, where it gradually dawned on most electronics interested, to the year’s first major showcasing news kicks off.

The new product goes under the name ‘Gorilla Glass’ and will be presented by the company as follows.